Representatives throughout Europe being actively recruited

As I often say on here, no company anywhere ever needs someone else to use their bank account to handle payments.  All legitimate companies have their own bank accounts.  This is a scammer – who is hoping the promise of a large salary will fool you into applying for this fake job.  The scammer will then pretend to pay you, ask you to forward money, then the original payment will be withdrawn by your bank as fraudulent, leaving you out of pocket. was registered yesterday to someone who is allegedly called Patricia Hamilton and claims to live in Florida.  Given that she claims to live in “Star Trek Drive”, I doubt he or she has much grasp on reality when it comes to giving legitimate domain registration information!  The domain registration company is Chinese.  Britishjobscouk is a strange name for a company based in Gibralter??

Our business offers a 5k EURO monthly wage to a possible employee originating out of Europe
to help us allocate invesments throughout the Information Technology segment of the marketplace.

Our corporation is based in Gilbratar and we offer our services mostly in the IT and E-Commerce segments.
There is no initial investment required from you and this position does not necessitate a change in locale.

Rep’s main activities:
– Representative will be processing fund transfers from his/her bank account.
This is done through the submission of outward bound payments that have been previously sent to your account.
Therefore it is mandated that you have at least a fundamental understanding
of banking and payment sending processes and procedures.

– There is a 5 % bonus in addition to the 5k EURO monthly wage for each funds transfer that you complete!

What we must have from you:
– Must exist as owner of a LLC or related type company or hold Power of Attorney or likewise
– Retain a current, working, bank account
– Must prove to maintain a level of efficiency in the processing of funds transfers
– Email must be checked every day
– Record maintenance for each payment transfer process is mandated

If this position interests you, do send these details listed below to our company email:
– Your Complete Name
– Your Telephone # in the International Format
– Email address
– Age You Are Now
– Name of Company You Own or Hold POA over

Please do respond to: