Requesting your concern

Druzhnikov Viacheslav writes to tell me represents the president of a company in Russia.  Curiously he writes from Nigeria to tell me that.  Do you smell a fish?  Or even a phish.  Perhaps a Nigerian advance fee fraud?

He’s been to business school and learnt how to be “nice” to his potential clients.  He tells me that he will ” demand your effective collaboration”.  How polite.  Not.

He’s a scammer.  He doesn’t have €50m – legitimate or otherwise.  He just wants to get his hands on your money by way of lots of fat fees.

Delete the email and don’t reply.

Dear Friend,

Hello, I am Druzhnikov Viacheslav writing you over a business brief. I am
representing a leading company’s president in Russia. He mandated me to
communicate with you over a very private request, i hereby demand your
effective collaboration to re-profile legitimately accrued funds well over
fifty million euros for a pipeline/transportation development project in
the US.

I will give the details, but in summary, the funds are coming via a bank
in western Europe, and this is a very legitimate request. You will be paid
8% for your management fees”,if I am able to reach agreeable terms with
you. If this would interest you, please write me back by email and provide
me with your telephone number and I will discuss further details with you.

I wish for you to have this request as private as much as possible, we can
not afford any political problems in our country.

Write me back.I look forward to it.Thank you very much.

Druzhnikov Viacheslav.