It’s been a while since I’ve been sent a hotel scam.  I posted a selection in November last year on my original spam blog (before this one started).  The scam works like this:

You reply to the scammer saying you have rooms available.  They reply with some complicated story along the lines of  – they have the credit card numbers from their guests but they don’t have a POS machine.  So, would you just send them the money for airfares, which they will add on to their bill.  Or, they need to hire a car but can’t pay the car hire firm (for some reason).  So they will send you money and would you send some onto the car hire firm.  The original payment to you will be withdrawn as fradulent, leaving you out of pocket.

Just ignore the email and don’t reply.

I have a “cyber identity” who replied to a couple of these scammers last year – that’s how I know what the scam is.  You can see the original posts here

Please i want to check for  reservation availability.
Coming date: 18th December,2009
Going date: 1st January,2009
i need 4 double rooms or 4 single rooms.for 13 days,for 4 people.
tell me the total cost including breakfast,tax and others if u have
availability. We are Engineers coming  from thailand for seminar.
Please get back to
me with availability and reply to
My Regards
David Mark.
Council for constructions Bangkok,
c/o expoconstructions company.
45 third avenue,
Bangkok, Thailand.