Residential Assistance

“Mr Ghanem” isn’t a refugee from Libya, or anywhere else.  He’s a scammer who wants to get his hands on your money.  If you make the mistake of replying he will start asking you to send money to pay for fees, fares, visas etc.  I doubt if this scammer is even writing to you from Libya.  Ignore him

Drear Friend,

I am Mr Mahmud Omar Ghanem, formerly working under the National Oil
Corporation (NOC) Libya, am seeking for political asylum in your country if
you can assist me for residential house or villa where I can reside with my

Meanwhile I will also need your assistance to receive some of my funds
deposited oversea as the new government is about freezing my funds we can
invest the funds into oil export business or any other investment of your
idea, I wait your interest reply.

Best Regards
Mahmud Omar Ghanem.