Romance Scammer – John Williams

Romance scammers have been a recurring theme since I started Keep Safe On The Net.  They are the scourge of social media and dating website and prey on the vulnerable.  

A common theme is claiming to be a serving soldier, posted in a war zone.  They will claim their husband/wife has died or left them and they have young children.  They will send you hunky/sexy photos stolen from the internet.  They will lavish you with love and affection and claim they want to marry you.

Then they will start asking you for money – for visas, medical bills, internet access, postage for lavish gifts.  Any excuse they can come up with.

NEVER send money to someone you have met online, ever.  They prey on the vulnerable, which many people who have joined dating websites are.  They are looking for love and affection – the very things these scammers will pretend to shower you with.

My latest YouTube video is about 2 of these scammers.  You can watch it here:

A Tale Of Two Romance Scammers