Romance Scammers on PenPal Websites

A reader, who I think might be from Eastern Europe, emailed to tell me his experience of being contacted by romance scammers on a pen pal website.  This is what he said:

I had contact with a scammer a year ago. A girl named Caroline Peirera from Benin found my email address on She inloved in me very fast and requested money for an Internet cafe twice. I found her photo on another dating website with another name. I stopped contact with her.

Another girl from Ghana inloved in me in her first message although we did not contact before. I asked her where she had met me. She disappeared. I also had a contact with the a Ugandan girl who wanted love but did not show her photo. I requested only her friendship but she stopped contacting me.

Be careful when you start talking with someone who you’ve met online.  Look for clues that they might not be who they say they are.

You’ll find lots of helpful clues for spotting romance scammers here: