I’m quite sure the scammer that wrote this has never been anywhere near Iraq or the US Army.  My guess from the language used is that this scammer is somewhere in Africa.  The only stash of cash this scammer is interested in is yours.  He is hoping you fall for his ridiculous story and then he will start ask you to send money.

Ignore this scammer.

Dear friend,

Compliments and how is life with you and the family? All should be
well I presume.

My name is First Sergeant(1SG) E. Wilson; an American soldier, serving
in the military with the army’s 3rd infantry division. With a very
desperate need for assistance, I have summed up courage to contact

I have on location here for many years a burden in my heart relating
to some stashed up large amount of cash gotten in my line of duty and
how to move it out of here to a better place, that would be of immense
benefit to you and I in another circumstance if only I can get you to
share my thoughts and aspirations with; and receive the cash on my
behalf. I will give you the full details of everything when I hear
from you.

This is a new dawn for me and I would like to finally take care of
this once and for all; since this period is very idle for this
objective. I don`t mean to bother you; my patriotism is at its highest
in years and I could give my life anyday for the peace and safety of
humanity; but I need to be at peace with myself and bring joy to your
life and mine also, only if I can get a good response from you.

I can be reached only for now on my alternative email address – (
1sg.erwils3idusa@gmail.com ) and not my US Army service email which is
monitored. I had to copy this email to you, so it`s not possible to
monitor at all.

1SG E. Wilson.
3rd Infantry Division