Scam Domain registrars and web hosts

After I wrote the previous post about a scam email from China claiming that someone wants to register several variations of one of my own domain names, I did some delving into the, so called, domain registrar that emailed me.

This is the website/domain name they are using.  Here’s their website:

Scam Chinese domain registrar

It’s domain is  They claim to be China’s favourite domain registrar – yet their site is entirely written in English.

So I copied a sentence from the site and pasted it into Google.  Hey presto, that came up with another domain registrar’s site – this time a site that claims to be based in Canada.

It’s an interesting site.  A lot of the links don’t work and although it claims they’ve been in business since 1998 apparently they haven’t managed to finish their website yet as much of it is still the latin “lorem ipsus” text that WordPress uses as a place marker.

I’m not going to include a screenshot as the scammers have copied the website of a legitimate Canadian web host/registrar and then hacked into another legitimate site to upload it.