Scam HMRC Phone Call

I just received a phone call from 0161 818 7299.  It was a recorded message, claiming to be from HMRC.  Obviously it wasn’t.  It was a recorded message, not a person.  I was told that I should contact my solicitor and phone them back immediately.

I was told that if I did not call them back, and they did not hear from my solicitor I should “get ready to face the legal consquences”.

They finished by saying “good bye and take care”!!!!

I recorded the message, which I’ve uploaded below.

Please folk – don’t get taken in by these scammers, who just want your money.  If there is a problem with your tax return to HMRC they will write to you.  But if you do receive an official looking letter, make sure it addresses you by name and make sure you look up the real phone number of HMRC on the official government website.

I called them back, using a free internet calling service.  I was told to open internet banking on my computer and transfer over £2000 pounds to the scammers.