Scam SEO Companies

I am often contacted by SEO companies, usually poorly worded, unsolicited emails.  Often telling me that my site can have a better position for its keyword – which tells me immediately that they couldn’t be bothered to do even basic research before emailing me.  A few months ago I was contacted by a company offering to improve the position of my site ( for its keyword.  (It’s no1 for its keyword and has been for a few years).  I replied to them and pointed this out.  Their reply?  “What’s your keyword”.  Epic fail.

Today, an even more epic fail.  This seo company claims to serve “Chicago and Atlanta”, although I doubt that they even know where those two cities are.  Why do I say that?  Because they claim to use “ethical practices” – an obvious lie, as they have just posted a spam advert for their services on a stolen property register that I run.  Even to the point of listing the Police force they claim to have reported the theft to.

Ethical?  NO.  Their spam advert has gone, but I’m posting this as a warning – if you are contacted by this company, ignore them.  Their seo techniques will harm your site, not improve it and I doubt that most of the links they build for you will last longer than it takes site owners to remove them.

Here they are~:

Interestingly, nowhere on their site do they say who they actually are or where they are based.  If you are using this company, make sure you know where they are posting your links.