Although the tone of this blog is often lighthearted, these scam emails are real.  They are often sent by organised gangs of scammers, who want nothing better than to get their hands on your money.  They are quite willing to engage you in long, detailed exchanges of emails and/or phone calls until they scam money from you.  They are heartless and ruthless.

It is easy to think that everyone must realise these emails are scam, but every day someone, somewhere falls for one.  That’s why the scammers continue.  From time to time victims and potential victims leave their stories here as comments.

As a warning to others, here are some of the comments that have been left on this blog or stories I have been sent by email.

“por favor me ajude,perdi meu emprego,perdi 60.000 reias em envio para esses caras,diziam ser do banco eu não sei o que eu faço,se possiveil estenda sua mão,tenho filho de 8 meses,estou desesperado,espero teu retorno” – this victim lives in Brazil and I put this through an online translator “Please will help me,lost my job,lost 60,000 reias in sending for these expensive,said it would be of the bank I do not know what I,if possiveil extend his hand,I son of 8 months, I am desperate,hope thy return”

Sadly there is nothing I can do to help this victim.  The victim sent me some scanned documents which the scammer used and I’ve reproduced one of them below. (18 Dec 2010)

“I have just been scammed by these people calling themselves Microsoft windows support. Exactly the same as above unfortunately I fell for it. They said there was an admin fee of £4.99 so I puy my visa card no in but as I could not see the amount I said I will not go any further until I see £4.99 they then said it was on the next page I said no I will cancel before I could do anything they authorised the payment as they were still in my computer. I immediately rang the bank only to be told they had put through an Alertpay authorisation for £199.99 I asked the bank what I could do they said nothing as I cannot prove anything. I emailed but so far have heard nothing” (left as a comment 17/11/10)

“I have been a victum  of a moneygram scam fell hook line and sinker. Im ashamed I fell for it. Money grams from Anchorage Alaska ( Speedway Moneygrams drawn on Weels Fargo Bank.I went to thr Unitied Nations Scam place and filed a report and now they tell me they want to pay me 1.5 million for this I may have been scammed once but not twice. So please make people aware of this scam. Millions of people will get hurt I for one do not know what to do. I was so stupid. Now I have put my marriage on the line.” (emailed to me 16/02/10)

“I have ecived a lot of phone calls from DR. WILFRED ANDERSON, saying that I won 2500000GBP from Tagged annual draw. After sending the courier money he came back and told me the money cannot be sent because I need a certificate from the UN money laudering and drug abuse. So after getting my money for 250GBP. i THINK YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW ALL THIS BEFORE WE SEND OUT MONEY FIRST. SO I RELIASED THAT I BEEN HAD AND SCAMMED.” (comment left on 8 /2 /10)

thanks for your response,no although im 40 years old but still i havent get engaged or married,about 3 years ago i was going to be engaged but that was the time when that scammer was working on my mind,i belive he knew many things about psycology so there are many people at risk now,during 2 years we exchanged about more than 500 emails,in first step he said i should pay 400 pound for registration so that process be legal,after that he said my funds going to be released but i have to pay 500 pound as a visa fee,then after one month he said everything was going to be right but a british chancelor named greenland janet told i should pay the tax of those funds and sent a form for me (british inland revenue)and required about 1200 pound but at last i payed about 1050 pound and he said i will complete the rest of that,after that he said because of political situation of my country chancelor is not interested in my visa so i have to pay something as a gift to make her kind about my self and then i payed 400 pound but at last he said she is requiring 10000 pound before my coming and w i told him i cant and i will never pay ,he said ok,wait after changing of chancelor maybe i can do somthing for you,in fact at first that was unbelivable for me that he is forging a lot of documents just for taking 400 pound from me but later i found thai it was the pace and technique of scammers specialy when i searched about william wilcox scams in google,i know i cant reach to my funds any more,but at least i want that my information can be used for other people who doesnt want to be scammed!!!!!” (16 sept 09. This victim has sent me some of the scammer’s emails and I have put them on a separate page on this site – A Victim’s Story – so you can see just how the scammers operate)

Please can you advise me on a possible scam.  My sister has recently hooked up with a man she met on a dating site who calls himself Michael Wigins.  He is aparantly in the USA Army serving in Iraq.  He is 47, widowed, has a six year ols daughter living in Canada.  This man is promising my sister the world he wants to marry her he is coming here in a few weeks etc, etc,.  Through this my sister who has some health issues that makes her very vunerable has sold her home in order to make funds.  I have written to this man via email asking releveant questions and he refuses to answer. I have also emailed my sister links on the website with scam stories which I may add are very similar to hers. I am at my wits end please can you offer some advice. (this was emailed to me on 14 Sept 09 – I am hoping that my reader’s sister can be prevented from losing her money)

I advertised i was seeking work in liverpool/manchester UK & i received an email asking if i would like to become a MYSTERY SHOPPER, I replied with my name & address, they then sent me 1000 euro’s in an american express traveller’s cheque & asked me to put it in my bank then to deposit money into the MONEY GRAM as a mystery shopper. I only became aware this was a SCAM when my bank advised me it was cheaper to go to the beureau de change place, so i did when i handed them in they told me these cheques were faudulant. I am now aware this was a scam luckly before it was too late, Im glad my bank didn’t take the cheque’s & advised me to go elsewhere otherwise i could of been scammed. This person is known to me as SCOTT MOSIER. (This person was prevented from becoming a victim because of the actions of his bank and local bureau de change)

I have recently been the victim of scammers. There were at least two and it was the usual stuff, one guy hooks up with me through a dating site, chats for a few weeks and then supposedly goes on a business trip with his young son to Ghana where he is robbed of his wallet, so he has no cards or cash. He does his business deal and names me as a trustee to receive some of the money so that I can send him some to come home as for some reason he can’t access his bank account (which I question on several occasions, also if he goes on business trips abroad regularly why can’t he claim on his insurance). It is at this point that the supposed bank manager takes over and there is tax to pay on the money he is sending me and a fee for this and that with me questioning all the time why can’t they take tax etc out of the money they are supposed to be sending to me. Of course this can’t be done for some reason or the other. I know now that it’s a classic scam. When I said no more money and they realised that I meant it Mr Bank Manager rings and tells me that my “friend” has been taken into hospital with a heart attack and he needs money to pay for his medical treatment. I tell him to contact the British High Commission in Accra who will help. For some reason he’s not very keen to do that, I wonder why. At this point I have already informed the British High Commission about it all anyway, informed the dating site where I first made contact, informed the Bank that they are using as a front, told my bank etc, etc.  What is strange is that I have still had contact with one of them ( the “bank manager”) and really riled him by telling him what  low-life’s him and his friends are as up until two days ago they were still using the same mobile phones! Extraordinary.
I still have the photographs that the first guy sent me and I’m wondering who it is. I suspect that they’ve got them by nefarious means as part  of an identity theft but I would love to post them all over the internet and see what happens.
By the way I’m a 57 year old disabled woman living on benefits, something that they were fully aware of, so I didn’t have much money to begin with and I don’t know how I’m going to pay back the money I borrowed on my credit card.
But as I said to “Mr Bank Manager” at least I’ve still got my self-respect and can look in the mirror without feeling shame which seemed to upset him. I think he may be in the wrong profession! (this victim sent me their story by email on 3 Sept 09)

i m winner of texco mobile lottery draw .and i have paid to elite fleet courier all charges but still now i did not got the my parcel dispache oficer mr,gleen carlton pho-+447017742771please inform me via email parcel dispatched on 17-08-09 1 :45gmt for 120 hrs. but still now over the 120 hrs i did not got my parcel tell me via email thainki you (comment left on 25 Aug 09)  I had to write to the commenter and tell him he had been the victim of a scam.  This is his reply:

PLEASE HELP ME  – I have told him to go to the Police (but I know that they will be unable to help him)

Saya juga dapat email yang sama tapi saya sudah mengirimkan apa yang diminta bagaimana solusi dari anda? memang saya semula ragu! Tapi sudah terlanjur dikirim maaf karena saya orang miskin jadi berharaplah kalau memang benar menang.
I put this through an online Indonesian translator – this is what is says in English “I also could the same email but I have sent what was asked for how the solution from you? Indeed I originally hesitant! But has been already sent sorry because I the poor person so hoped if quite true won. (22 Aug 09.  I used the same online translator to advise the commentor to ignore any further emails.)

I, too get many mails of scams , though I, been victims in past and lost almost 300+ thousands $$$,
But, now I, am careful ?? (comment left on 6 Aug 09)

Nancy Williams from Nigeria and I have been e-mailing for about a week. She wanted me to send her $90.00 dollars for a phone which I did Sat. 08/01/09.She then wanted me to be her beneficiary, her father had passed and was worth alot of money but she had to be married to get her inheritance. Last night 08/03/09 she said she had to have $800.00 dollars sent to her lawyer I then realized this had to be a scam.

I don’t know what else to say. She had me convinced that she was a really true person. I just want everyone to be aware of her so it doesn’t happen to them! (Comment left by a victim on 4 Aug 09)

Dear sir
Thank you so much for your caring and i didn’t really beleive that i was going to have a reply from united nations as i know how you all very busy in very critical problems,and i want to tell you for my very bad luck i was trapped with Niegerian person who took from me six thousands dollars and he used to send to me documents from the bank that every step is legal inorder to conveince meto send more money for the transaction and i knew that everything is over when he asked me several times to send money and i told him that iam finished from that time when i called him back a friend of him told me that he is prisoned.His full name is Alhaji Muhammad Badamasi Babangida ,his phone no 00234803383953 but ofcourse he will not answer but his friend will,i want to execuse you that iam going to forward you the email that i received from the person that said that he from the united nations to resolve the problems to the people who had spam.He called himself Mr Sam Daws  (May 2009 – this victim emailed to ask if a scam he’d received was real.  I advised him to delete the email as it was a scam.  The paragraph you’ve just read was his reply) has changed his email be aware he is a total scam artist he scammed. Do not open any emails from this freak he will send you a check for $3500 and ask you to go to the nearest Western Union and send him back $3200. i found this out the hard way. (Comment left 18 May 09 on a post about scam mystery shopping assignments)

I have received at least 50 scam phishing things from Nigeria. They have all become the same with a few twists. I have a check in my possession for $4250. It was sent by postal mail which is strange. The FBI nor the local authorities want to investigate the E=mails I printed leading up to the check. It is on Sun Trust Bank and looks official. I investigated it myself. It is an actual account number and was originally one of those keep 10%. and was sent from Mississippi. My Banker and I checked it out as it said OFFICIAL. Why do authorities not want to investigate even with hard evidence? Nigeria has become a country where scamming is actually a profession and children look up to and respect those who do it well. (Left on 29 April 09) (I share the writer’s frustration.  I tried reporting one to my local Police force last year.  It’s a loooooong story.   Cutting it short – I explained to them that I ran this blog and was submitting a particular email as it seemed it might be traceable. I received a phone call from my local Police force – who tried to explain to me what a blog is and tried to tell me that as anyone could post on a blog I had no idea where the email came from.  Try as I might I couldn’t get the person to understand that this is my blog, I had personally received the email in question and I had personally posted it to this blog.  I gave up in the end!)

“I have the same problem! I applied for this job and then what happens? £1000 is in my bank account! Then I look in the internet and see this and the same letter and name. I contacted the person that sent me the £1000 and told him that he cant take the money out as I wont send the £900 back to him, then what does he said to me? He says that I must sent the money to him or I will get a custodial sentence in jail of 4 years. I insisted with him that he can take the money as I wont touch that money of my bank account then he keeps insisting that I am a thef! I am not not thef! I seen tthis post and i acted upon it and he wont take the money out of my bank account! So what do you guys think I should do”.  I tried to reassure this reader that they would not be sent to jail, but should go to the Police and report the scammer. (19 April 09)

PLEASE HELP ME TEHY AMPTY MY BANK ACCOUNT ,NEED A HELP. (left on 28 Mar 09) I advised the commenter to contact their local Police.

after being sent an e-mail on how i am surposed to have won in a lotto the shock and the horror being told ye you have won but you got to pay us first £650.00 damn how dum do i look i never give money away,, thats like paying for my phone before i get the bill… well all i can say is .. well the shock of how i got took in on this.. i could understand a bill after getting the money but not before so because of this i will now go and investigate the irish lotto to see how this has come about.. plus cant get hold of anyone even after the so called win,, if this was a so called win never pay out before you get the money in the bank. (a comment from January 09)

I  fell for this scam and I feel sick to the stomach for it.They transfer money,as soon as it has been paid to them they recall the payment and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!Police can’t help me,my bank either.I now have to repay the bank £1000 because I was an idiot and believed something that sounded brilliant really was,when actually its a pile of rubbish.Don’t be as dull as me..delete it or report it. (a comment from February 09)

Hi there i have been back and forth with a lady Julie Hughs from Alliance and Leicester Bank out of the UK im not sure if its a scam, weve been emailing each other for over a month for a loan that i was approved for but i have to make a down payment of 700.00 western union im not sure what to do. I get scam mail everyday but this is a lot diffrent then the past (a comment from March 09.  I replied and just hope I answered in time to stop the commenter from falling prey to the scam)

My son was taken by a scam last year and it cost me
over 3000.00 dollars.
I am so sick of this happening to people, I intend to
follow this to the end to try and catch whoever is
doing this. No I won’t give them any information to
use to get money from me but I am surly going to try
to catch them if possible. (comment from mar 14 09)

dr gerrard why icalll you mailbox and mr henry jones whe my legalization wiining certificate nuril really and iam wish you contact me my phone or my email (a comment from mar 09)

guys iam receiived email 22 december 2008 same iam take myrekening bank iam waiting but iam not give 800000ueros 3 month iam waiting because iam want dream rich but is t bulll shit mrs arturo rosii world is crisis global not dreamers for peoples (a comment from Feb 09.  As I am writing this, I realise this was left by the same person that left the comment above)

this person is so cool on his stool that i even had my attorney get involved and he out rite lied to him my attorney asked him for his barister licenses number and when he came back with a number it waqs to a pearson that was retired and did not mach his name (a comment from Feb 09)

hi, I am abhijeet and i received the mail by antonio guzman on 26th jan. 09. and i reply it and i send the scan copy of the mail and ID(PAN Card). Now what did i have to do now plz tell me (comment from Jan 09.  I asked an Indian contact to advise on the correct course of action and replied to this commenter)

She almost got me she wanted me to pay 1681.71 i reserched he name on the net and found this.but now i am scared because i gave them my picture and my address if any one Knows what I should do please email me at (email address removed for privacy) this will be greatly appreiciated thank you
(comment from Jan 09)

Dear Mrs marina

I hope that you are well health, I to read well your lette well on the site in internet andI am ready really to help you of transfer this money has my country but before one needs that I present me to you and speaks with you frankly;

I am Name removed of xxxxxxxx

My age 28

I am no work now

My number phone : +xxx xxxxxxxx

Address; Removed for privacy

thus veiled all my information I am ready to help you frankly but it is necessary that to be the responsibility for all the expenses which can paid on business And I want to tell you a thing which i dont have account number for transfert the fund i dont speak englich good i speak french I am really very serious and dynamic pls sent me your copy passeport in this waiting I await your answer more quickly possible want approved all my greeting and my respect

best regard

Mr. Name Removed (this comment was left on Mar 11.  I haven’t published it as a comment and have emailed the commenter to tell them not to publish their phone number)Edit  – fortunately the commenter heeded my warning and sent me this reply:”thank you very much for this consiel that God always bless you and thank you also deleted my ad thank you very much”


  1. William John Thomas
    October 13, 2016 @ 12:01 pm

    By William John Internet Marketing.
    I have been told by a representative of MOBE that what I have written here is lies is defamatory is libellous and slanderous and I am being unreasonable. Everything below is fact and is a true account of myself and Mobe.
    APPROX one year ago I joined a company called MOBE I joined for the price advertised which was $49 for this price I got a so called coach and a 21 video course only two video’s are opened at any one time after about video 4 or 5 I was asked for a payment the coach told me that I would have to pay APPROX $3,500 he also told me that would be all I would have to pay, bells should have started ringing after all I joined at the advertised price of $49 this was catch number one.
    After completing the 21 video steps which just concentrated on selling this scam to other people, I was told the full price for this program was $30,000 catch number two, such a ridiculous price was out of my range for anything especially for something bought of the internet, I was not told upfront the full cost of joining MOBE so I decided to ask for a refund on the grounds that I had not been told the full cost upfront, I applied for a refund which in my mind seemed fair enough any legitimate company could see I had a valid point, I received an email from MOBE support telling me I was not entitled to a refund catch number three. To be entitled to a refund a member of MOBE must produce the email they joined with and must advertise for one year with three types of paid advertising catch number four; this is the key to this scam Matt Lloyd who owns MOBE knows that unless again told upfront no person is going to keep the email they joined MOBE with and the advertising for one year is going to cost more than the money a person may be owed so this is what Matt Lloyd is counting on that people will think it’s not worth going on with their claim for a refund I suggest Matt Lloyd has scammed more money this way than he has made selling his high ticket priced programs. Most countries and states already have legislation in place to cover such refund claims Matt Lloyd must think he is something special if he thinks he has the right to override government agencies I say he does not have any such rights to ignore any county’s law. For all the people out there who have been scammed by MOBE and that is thousands upon thousands don’t give up on your money flood the appropriate agencies with complaints so they have to do something about this thief who has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from us. Approximately one year ago Matt Lloyd advertised that he had made one hundred million dollars with MOBE that is money that belongs to people like you and I so let’s do something to get our money back. Matt Lloyd has been very clever putting this together but if you look at it, it soon becomes clear that each step of his refund policy has been thought out to make sure his customers get scammed if they invest any money at all into MOBE. Matt Lloyd does not have a refund policy he does have a high paying SCAM policy, please be aware any money you spend with Matt Lloyd is money you will not see again. But it is not just his customers who should be aware of Matt Lloyd and MOBE one affiliate who is owed over $50,000 has had his access to MOBE blocked this man has made a short video so that unsuspecting members of the public can see how Matt Lloyd treats at least this affiliate you can play his video below to see this for yourself there is also a link to other people who have been scammed by this company. Any person contemplating buying this over priced knowledge is going to Pay $30,000 for information they can get off the internet for a very small cost and can even get the same information free from (wealthy affiliate). I have tried to negotiate a refund but I am expected to sign a legal document that I do not agree with in other words a gag order they have no chance my story is just that my story and I will publish it for all to see in the hope I can help prevent others from being scammed by MOBE and Matt Lloyd. Matt Lloyd has offered me my money back subject to me signing a legal document that I am not prepared to sign, this document is in fact a gag order and I will not have my right to free speech interfered with by Matt Lloyd or anyone else also there is a $25,000 clause in it. This offer to refund my money is proof that Matt Lloyd scammed me and he does not want me to post my story for anyone to read the legal document I refer to is below for you all to read. The offer of my money back is because I told Matt Lloyd I was going to post my story. All other people who have lost their money with MOBE in the same way I have, should also post their story to show unsuspecting people what they can expect from MOBE and Matt Lloyd. Every person who has been scammed by mobe the same way I was should have their money refunded without any conditions. In Matt Lloyds words 98% who buy into Mobe do not make any money and that is 98% who have been scammed by Mobe because they were not told the cost upfront and not told the so called refund policy, Matt Lloyd has to scam people because who would buy into Mobe if they knew the full cost and the refund policy upfront. Please read the links below and see others scammed by Mobe and Matt Lloyd.
    Because I will not sign my rights away Matt Lloyd who stole my money without any legal documents
    Is still holding on to my money, he must be in real need of my $3,420 AUS.
    You can write to me ( better still post your story on social media.
    William John Thomas.
    Settlement Agreement And Mutual Release
    This settlement Agreement and release (‘’ Agreement’’) is made and entered into by and between MOBE, LTD. (‘’ MOBE ’’) and William John Thomas (‘’Student’’). And is effective as of sometimes referred to herein individually as ‘’party’’ or collectively as the ‘’parties’’.
    A Student entered into an agreement with MOBE where MOBE was to provide business
    Educational training.
    b Student and MOBE have mutually agreed to part ways;
    c The parties seek now to settle and release claims against one
    d Student must sign and return this Agreement to MOBE by September 23, 2016 or the
    offer herein will expire.


    Incorporation of recitals – the recitals set forth above are incorporated into this agreement
    MOBE promises and obligations under this agreement – MOBE promises to refund student

    Two thousand four hundred ninety seven US dollars and no cents (USD$2,497.00) via wire transfer to the bank account student designates, no less then seven days after student returns this signed release to MOBE and complies with removal requirements set out below
    1. Student’s promise and obligations under this agreement – Student promises and agrees to keep this agreement and all terms, conditions and obligations in the agreement confidential. Student agree to assist MOBE if necessary to ensure there are no issues with a merchant processor or banking institution. Student agrees to remove any and all negative online post regarding MOBE. In addition, Student agrees not to make any future negative posts or comment about MOBE. Student agree to only communicate , the following statement with regard to this statement:
    ‘’Student and MOBE have resolved their differences’’
    Student agree to be bound by a permanent injunction without a need to post bond in the event any breach of this Agreement occurs. Students agree to forgive and waive completely any and all claims asserted or unasserted, known or unknown, against MOBE that accrued up to the time of the signing of this agreement. Student agrees to contact any regulatory body where a complaint may have been lodged regarding the disputes between the parties and notify them the disputes have been resolved.
    William John Thomas


  2. Beth Adamson
    September 21, 2016 @ 5:26 am

    Mine is a different sort of scam, but still one nevertheless. To cut an epic story short, I wrote mountains of letters to my favourite rock star. The following albums contained things I wrote to him about, words I used and sentiments etc. The first Album was No.1 and he made a fortune. I kept on writing because I thought “wow this is great, perhaps he wants me to keep on writing so that we can continue to work together on Albums. Needless to say he never ever wrote back to me personally and when I asked someone to investigate this situation for me, the reply was that he had received my early letter to him but he gave them back to the person who gave them to him at his record company and said he would never read my mail to him even if it contained the winning million dollar lottery ticket. He told them to return to sender but apparently they threw them away and still do. So just WHO is it then who leads me to believe that these letters are being read and ideas passed onto this singer in order to write about the contents?


  3. Z wadar
    July 3, 2016 @ 3:48 pm

    Iv been coned out of £22000 late 2007 an Nigerian gang based in Spain
    This had had a major impact in my life ….iv lost my job my home I’m now living in anti depressants
    Be aware of any scammers that are asking you to send money via western union ….will be kicking your self for the rest of your life
    I still have nightmares thinking that this is a dream


  4. Anonymous
    April 6, 2016 @ 3:26 pm

    Ms Marie Brigitte,

    Did Mr Hervier charged you any money? Can they recover the money even in another country. My lover scammer is living in Dubai and moving around the globe training his subordiinates for strategy how to hustle peoples money.



  5. Anonymous
    April 6, 2016 @ 3:24 pm

    Ms. Marie Brigitte,

    did Mr. Benoit hervier charged you any money?
    my scammer lover Mastermind is living in Dubai and moving in many different countries to meet his colleagues in gang syndicate. Can Mr Hervier recover the money in any country?



  6. Anonymous
    April 6, 2016 @ 3:11 pm

    dear all, i am a victim of love scam for 2 yrs. I met the man in matchmaking for marriage. But it took a lot of time for us to meet as he is making a lot of stries to delay and making a lot of stories as well of in need of money, But lately i found out that he have other facebook account in different name which in real life.He said he is widowed abut i found out his daughter and wife is there.He got more than 50 k from me for 2 yrs. All the photos he sent me in emails and whats can be seen in his facebook account. I found out as well that he is a rich man as he have interviewed as million dollar man . Yes maybe he became millionaire of scamming people.He have some other buisness as well but i guessed all is fraud. Where i can report him? H e is a Mastermind of the syndicate and i have all evidence that the name i have and that person my lover scammer is the same person. Is there any chance to recover money? Who can help me to caught this person and his gangs. I know the building he is living coz i read in his real facebook.Will anny real anti scammer to help me. If nobody will help me then , they still have more victims. Whoever is willing to support me Please leave your email address for me to contact you.


  7. charles peace
    July 11, 2015 @ 9:35 am

    I confirm a western union based moneygram system operating in russia. Year of scam 2014. Dating type. It would appear to be a pre arranged hijacking method and in my case based upon the womens conn with an org called SELA A well known eastern european clothes shop like M AND S in uk. She(?)even had a photo of herself in their unifor and sign on wall beyond was SELA. They happen to have an enfranchisement arrangement I foud out much later. In brief her passport photo was smiling; this is jot permitted in uk by passport office.Is PUTIN a fool?? i HAD PAID 120 DOLLARS by moneygram with gereat reservation and made a pact with myself to cease this approach By then I was more than sure that I was not talking to the same person who had ‘gone to moscow’. The address had changed from SARATOV(skaya).’ I DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOU NOW SAY YOU WANT TO COME TO RUSSIA NEXT MONTH?@ i HAD BEEN EMAILED INTO AN IDEA OF MEETING HER AT THE UK AIRPORT; PROVISO TO PAY 400 DOLLARS. I refused and the story I gave was to extricate myself from any further emails. So she ceased to talk to me even though by rights I could meet her in moscow. I leave readers to think about this method and to avoid testing it.


  8. bluejay73
    May 1, 2015 @ 9:21 pm

    I used to get several e.mails, all like the ones you have described. I was asked for money because I won millions of dollars, they wanted my bank account number. I wrote back and said I was an undercover agent for the FBI. I told them I knew where they were e.mailing me from, it was just a matter of time before we smashed down the door and put their sorry asses behind bars. I never ever believed any letters. They even tried using athe name of a lawyer. They even said they were connected to the royal family. They said I was left a great deal of money in an inheritance from England. They tried everything. I just said, if you ever e.mail me again I’ll find you and blow your head off, you can count on it and anybody that is with you that is e.mailing this horseshit.


  9. Hannnah Stones Bob
    October 28, 2014 @ 5:48 pm

    I dont know how to start but after loneliness of 6yrs since my husband passed away, I decided to register online to fine a new man, interestingly I received email from Bobby Anderson from UK, I was much happy because I fund a man bearing ny ex husband name.
    He asked me to remove my profile from the site which I did and we started chatting on Skype and it happened that He is travelling to Ghana to trade in gold, then the request of money came up and I sent her $22,000 which he promised to pay back, he was supposed to visit me in the state and I paid for his expenses but he never turned up, he came up with another story for money which I asked the Embassy that told me it a scam and I reported it to the Ghana crime fighters- and he is on track.Beware of Ghana Scam


  10. my testimony after being scammed on a dating site
    October 20, 2013 @ 3:43 pm


    45 years, single, senior, I thought I was rather warning with regard to men. On the advice of my friends, I registered on badoo: lot of profiles that appeared serious, including one that holds my attention, name and French surname. First contact in French, it asks me to write him on his personal mail because “it looks little e-darling”. It is very beautiful, 40 years, Australian, widower, very big situation (works import-export), travels by helicopter, Mercedes chauffeur…Not impressed with everything here, I let me nevertheless have by his kindness, thoughtfulness, tenderness fast. It covers me inflamed spam, must come to France after a month to settle there, buy a House, marry me… I am the woman of his life, despite my average physics! After 6 weeks, patatras: big accident on the platform, 5 employees at the hospital, debts not provided, he asks me money. And this is where I make the biggest mistake of my life: I have confidence, having so much need to believe in our passionate relationship. Several thousands of euros sending (Yes, Yes, you read correctly, €18 000 in all exactly) by Western Union in several times to pay the hospital, anti-terrorism… taxes he promises juror coughed up about me repay as soon as he arrived in France, but he still has debts that he was unable to redact. Here it is written every 2 days, SMS, phone too, him first, then me…It is now in Nigeria to earn the money that he lacks for result Dubai, and asked me again. I do not know how I was able to make me have to this point there, because every day I’m very careful with my spending and I try to put aside, always being afraid of the future.

    Of course, shamelessly , I talked to a few trusted friends who pushed me to register . They all told me the same thing: great naivety , especially not money , more money. I told him about it and he replied that around me is jealous , I do not listen … It’s been four months that it lasts. I went after my approach because I wanted to give every chance for a relationship that seemed miraculous , for once in my sad love life. I extended this link to see how far he can go, friends I know now (and in my heart for a long time ) that I made ​​scammed, all here because of too much distress that affective.Le I write this testimony is the first step towards my ” redemption.” I’ll ask him to pay me clearly , knowing that it means losing ” my love numb .” But fortunately I explained this problem to a friend who made ​​me get in touch with Interpol detective named Mr. Benoit HERVIER that from France , was coordinating actions with some African governments for an immediate refund. And thanks to him and my God we redeemed all of my expenses up € 18,000 compensation … From this moment I have therefore taken confidence in myself and no longer seeks confused about dating sites because there is no truth in all that. I thank Mr Benoit HERVIER and without him I probably would on the street because I had exhausted all my savings . Thanks to him and his team I became very happy , so I ‘m just here in order to help you benefit from this help. I came back and I was learning to enjoy life so I want you to enjoy the same now you have any problems of any individual involved in the scam , fraud or any organization contributing to the insecurity on your territory via the Internet or some sure to contact the inspector Mr. Mr Benoit HERVIER on his email address after they can help you : /

    Kind regards
    Ms. Marie BRIGITTE


  11. Othere
    May 18, 2013 @ 9:48 pm

    I have been sacm by many people from Ghana


  12. Simin
    May 13, 2013 @ 3:03 pm

    Operating as Online Business and National Business, they claimed they were from Google and tricked me into thinking that I had an account with them. They then took my card number to ‘cancel’. At this point they took my money. They even sent me an invoice from National Business Pages and a cancellation notice from Online Business Pages. While they look genuine none of the documents are legal. After some investigation, BHB Marketing Ltd run Online Business and National Business to operate the scam.


  13. Scammers and Phishers » Company Representative Needed
    May 17, 2009 @ 12:19 pm

    […] Scam Victims […]


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