A reader forwarded a whole series of emails after she fell victim to the Tagged Promotions scam.  Below are a few selected highlights so that you can see how these scammers operate.  She tells me she has paid the scammer £4400 altogether.

My reader replied to ask if the scam email she received was real:

.Is it true That I have won for my profile on tagged?I have recieved a form to fill in my name
My adress my ocupation my email and all that stuff .
Have the compagnie of tagged send me that?
And thirth:I have recieved a last form to choose where I wont them to deposit the money.
Is it also true that it was send by tagged ?
Please I hope that you will tell me the truth about that,because there are much scammers op there.

The scammer then asked for £1800 for fees.

As soon as you send us the information,in the next 24hours from when you send it you going to have your check been sent to you door step.Here are the information you need to send the money across to us.thanks for your understanding madem,am on my desk waiting for you to send it on time so we can send your check to you.
ADDRESS Cambridge, Massachusetts
London, United Kingdom,

we just waiting for you to send the £1800 Great British Pounds for the charges so we can commence on your money as soon as possible,we just waiting for you now to send it an send us the information.Thanks for your understanding sir,congratulation once again.

Note the address that the scammer claims to be writing from – “Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, UK” – a sort of USA/UK crossover.

The scammer then asked how she wanted to receive the money.  She chose bank to bank transfer and the scammer then asked again for the £1800.

Thanks for the mail which you sent,and am happy you choose the option which is best known to you,well all you have to do is to send the money with the detail which i sent to you by monday ,that is you have about 2days from now to do the transfer,as soon as you sent us the information of the western union which,before the next 24hours you gonna have you money been sent into your bank account which you gave to mr harris,it will expire by this week so you need to get your fund on time so you payment will be ready in the next 24hours from when you sent the money to us as the fees for the charges which you have to pay.I think have explain my self very well to you.

Thanks for your understanding,am going to give you back the detail which i sent to you some day back again.

ADDRESS Cambridge, Massachusetts
London, United Kingdom,

The victim sent the money asked for:

Dear Mr .John Powell

Hereby I send you my licence .
Have you recieved evrything? I have also send the
1800 that i have to paid for the charges and have also send the acountnumber for you.
Thank you for evrything and I hope to hear soon of you.

Trully yours .

The scammer(s) then decided to ask for even more money and the victim received this email:

This is to inform you that this department has placed a hold on the Transfer of your Cheque valued £565,000.00 British Pounds that is suppose to be delivered to the above address.

The office of the Inland Revenue Tax Department, have mandated you to make a Tax payment of £2,560.00 ( Two Thousand Five Hundred And Sixty British Pounds) as a Non residential Tax, which is to obtain the tax receipt which will enable the urgent release of your Funds in other to proceed with your transfer in united state.

Do ensure to responds immediately for further proceedings.


Andrew Carlton.
Tax Department.
Inland Revenue, London.

This seems to have been the point at which the victim started to realise that things weren’t right and she sent this email to the scammer

Hi Mr.John
I have ask you in the first letter that I have write you If its true about the money I have win
And you have answer me Yes.You have send me forms to fill in too and have ask me evrything
I have trust you with all my heart and I still wont to do that. I dont want to think negative about you or Mr.Mark.
You have promise me to when I send the information and the acount and my licence you will send the money for me the next day I have do the payments and have send the information for you  .
I have send a email to you and Mr,Mark and none of you have answer my email.after I have send the money and all those things .I still wont to believe in you and Mr.Mark Harris .So please answer me now on this email I send to you
you will send the money for me yes or no. Dont break me please .dont let the trust That I have in you or Mr,Mark died please.
Dnont let me have a negative opinion about tagged.I hope to hear soon of you or Mr.Mark Harris

Trully yours .

Of course, the scammer didn’t want to lose his source of income (the victim) so he wrote and reassured her that everything was ok.  He agreed to “lend” her £560 and asked her for the remaining £2000.

Hello xxxxxx,

Sorry for the late reply the money which you won is for real okay,so don’t let your heart be trouble as soon as you send us that 2000 pounds i promise you in the next 24 hours from when you made the payment your money we get into your account.we have all the detail which we really need from you so just count on tagged we wont let you down.
John Powell

The victim’s bank were reluctant to let her have any more money – but she persevered

Dear Mr.JOHN Powell

I have recieved your email where you said your was busy for some days now.
I do understand that.
I did’nt answer you anymore because I have told you that the bank has told me to wait till next week but they have not telling me the day]. So one week has past and I call them again to see how far they are with me .They have tell me to wait again ,and I was so ashemed to tell you that again. so thats why you have not hear of me .But Gary told me you are not happy with me because I dont have let you hear of me anymore to say when I will send the money. But you know something I have good news now for you .
Today they have called me to tell me that I have to come monday to sign the papers. So I think that by Wednesday I will send the money to you .I hope its ok by you and to hear of you soon about your openion .I will send a email to you when I’m gonna send it ok ?
Thank you very much for you patient to me and to helping me.We will forever be friends .
You will soon hear of me.

A few days passed where the victim kept asking the bank and they kept putting her off.  She kept emailing the scammer to explain that she was still trying to borrow the money and the scammer kept assuring her that everything was still alright.

Finally, sadly, she got the money and sent it to the scammer – who replied:

I just recieve a call from your friend telling me you said you sent the money across to me,well am gonna tell my bank to check on the email which you sent the information to because at this moment am with my mum at the hospital,i hope to get across to you soon.

John Powell.

Very sadly, the scammer realised my reader might continue sending money, so decided to ask for the £560 he had said he would lend her.  The victim, not surprisingly, was upset by this:

Hello Mr. John. How are you?
In the first place I’m so sorry for the dead of your mother . May she rest in peace.
I have write you this email to tell you that gary has told me what has happend to you mother and that you have said that you cannot help me anymore with the 560 pound you have promissed me to help me with .And to be sincere to you it has shocked me so much
because I have wrote you an email to ask you before I have send the 2000 pound ,if you have stay by your promissed to help me with the 560 pound . And you have send me an email to tell me that evrything is allright and that I just have to send the 2000 pound so they can send me my money I have won . And now you came to tell me you cannot anymore . I would have understand that if you have told me that , before I have send the 2000 pound and before i have ask the bank for only the 2000 pound .
Because now I have nowhere to get the rest of the monney wich is the 560 pound .
I have a debbit now with the bank without I have get my monney I have won .
I hope you will understand how I’am feeling now .I have cried a lot because I have do all my efforts to get the monney to you .and I was planned to reward you for that too.but now I’am without money and a debth to paid .
And I’m not even a rich person . You know how I have delayed to get all the monney together to get the monney I have won . I have paid already 1800 pound before this for the transfer , and now the 2000 pound . Its together 3800 pound that I have send to you . Please ask your people in the bank if they cannot take the rest of 560 pound from the monney I have won .Otherwise I dont have nowhere to get the 560 pound that have rest .You have see that I have do all my efforts to get those 3800 pound that I have send . If they say no ,Than can you please send my 3800 pound back to my acount number that they have? Because I have to let the monney that I have won go . I can’t do anything anymore .I’m broke and my heart and trust aswell . Hope to hear soon of you.

Clearly the scammer realised he wasn’t going to get any more money, so he tried to make out that the victim could transfer the money

Hello Mrs Edwina,

Good morning to you and hope this email reaches you in good health? prior to our chat yesterday i was able to raise the sum of 2,400 pounds for the fee and like i have promised you i have paid the fee.

I was able to obtain your account login information after paying the fee and below are the account login information, Note – You are to click on the website or copy and paste it on your browser, after then enter your account number and password and as soon as it takes you to your statement of account online click on TRANSFER FUNDS ONLINE, it will take you to another page where you are ask to fill in your bank information where you want to transfer the money to and after filling it correctly your funds will be transferring, as soon as it prompt’s you to enter either COT CODE, Tax Code, Anti-terrorist, you will have to enter the code correctly which are also below.

website – http://ntwtstbplc.com/ntw/regent/Login.php

Account Number – 46912783

Password – 9741

Transfer Codes

COT Code – COT13141

Tax Code – TX3266

Anti-terrorist Code – AT645

When carrying out this online transfer should you need my assistance feel free to call me and please as soon as you make the transfer successful do not hesitate to get my money i helped you back to me in case you are having problem with this transfer do get back to me ASAP. i await to hear from you do have a very wonderful day.

John Powell

Tagged Inc.

Note – For your own good you have to keep this transfer confidential.

This site is a very poor copy of the NatWest bank site – it is possible to “login” to the account which claims to have a balance of £565k.  Of course, if you try to transfer this balance nothing happens.

This is when the victim finally realised she had been scammed and contacted me.  Sadly there is nothing I can do to help her except publish this as a warning to others.

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