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What a load of old rubbish.  Dear “User” – as in, this scammer has no idea who I am.  They very sweetly want to “Avoid
Your Domain from being Deactivated from Our server”.  What domain???  Why would any domain that I own (including this one) be on the Microsoft server?

If you click on the link,  you are taken to  The domain “” was registered this year to a proxy in Panama.  In the interests of research my friend Roger Rabbit signed in using a fake email address and password and was then sent directly to the real Microsoft website.  It seems these scammers are after your Microsoft account details.

If you think you might have accidentally given these scammers the log-in details for your Microsoft account, log in and change the password immediately.

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Dear [User]

Microsoft Alert: We want to Ensure your safety regarding your Account to Avoid
Your Domain from being Deactivated from Our server

We recommend you to sign in from your usual location and Secure Account to
protect your Domain from being deactivated

Secure Account

Action will be effective briefly
This is a mandatory communication about the service. To set communication preferences
for other cases.

This message was sent from the email address is not monitored. Do not reply to this message.
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