Shi Yong

This isn’t an email scam, it’s a scam by letter.  The end result is the same, the scammer wants to take your money by charging you fees.  The person who sent me the copy of this letter commented “This is the letter from Shi Yong I mentioned on Friday.I have treated it as a scam, but if it isn’t 10M $ would come in pretty handy ! “

Sadly, as he realised, it is a scam. It’s the usual story of a deceased client, leaving millions of dollars which he wants to share with me. This scammer is after your money, which he will take to pay his “fees”.  Tear up the letter and throw it away.

Here is that letter from Shi Yong, who gives his phone numbers as  852 812 45729 and 852 301 03792.  I’ll type out the opening sentences of the letter so that Google and other search engines can find this post.

“I am Shi Yong personal banker for the Schenzen Development Bank in China.  I have asked a friend coming to Europe to post this letter on my behalf…..”