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Friday, March 6, 2009 4:56 PM
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Dear Friend,

I am Mrs. Marina Litvinenko, wife of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian security officer who died in a London hospital after apparently being poisoned with the highly-toxic metal thallium by Mr. Lugovoi, a Russian Government Paid agent.

This is my husband’s life in a video for your full understanding.


Your can read articles about my Husband’s ordeal via the

websites below: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6708103.stm

Please I want you to assist me to remove USD$9.5M given to my husband before his death by Mr. Berezovsky, A Russian Billionaire Exiled in UK for exposing an alleged plot to assassinate him by the Russian Authority and to investigate the death of Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian Journalist believed to have equally been poisoned by the Kremlin for writing a book: The Putin’s Russia: Life in a Failing Democracy depicted Russia as a country where human rights are routinely trampled.

The Funds are deposited with a financial firm in Europe and I will want to relocate these funds for investment in your region and with your assistance and advice.

As soon as I receive your response, I will furnish you with more details on this issue that is stressing me so badly. I do not mind drawing a business agreement with you.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Marina Litvinenko.
Don’t click on those links! And don’t believe her sob story. There is no “USD$9.5M”. This is just her way of getting YOUR money, so be safe and delete it and let her be the thumb-sucking bag of spam that she is.