Software Licenses: New profile notification

This appeared in my inbox this morning.  DO NOT click on the link.  

This is what it says:
“  New profile notification. Hello Karla sent 2 unique messages, Your profile has been updated USER ACCOUNT INFORMATION Login URL: Email: Password: *********** (Forgot your password?)”

How do I know this is a hoax?  

1.  If you click on the Facebook icon, this is where it takes you:

2. If you try to go to the website this is what you see:

In the interests of research for you guys, I did click on the link – but using an Amazon Fire device as I felt that might be less prone to being infected with malware.

I was led a merry dance to survey sites, etc.  I’ll add some screenshots below.  One thing I’m sure of is that no-one is going to send you a £1000 Amazon voucher for doing little or nothing.  Not going to happen.

If you did click on the link, I strongly suggest that you scan your device with some anti-malware software.  If your device will run malwarebytes that is always my first choice (, otherwise go to your  device’s app store and download some free anti-malware software and do a scan.

Here are some screenshots of where that link takes you:

Goodness, would you believe it!!!  I’m the 5 billionth visitor.  What are the chances??? (Probably one in 5 billion?)

Followed by this trail of nonsense:

And lots more after that.  Just delete this bit of nonsense – I think they are after your email address so they can bombard you with spam.