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Monday, March 9, 2009 7:30 PM
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Dear Sir
I am Mrs Brian Hamond of Zimbabwe wife of late J. Homond a well known farmer
and diamond merchant but my husband died of hearth attack after the seizure of
all his life times investment in Zimbabwe by the Government of Robert Mugabe
and and this includes his farmes and money in his account. And my but lost
nearly all to the Government of Robert Mogarbe but I Thank God my husband was
able to transfer the sum of USD55.5million through a deplomatic channel means
to one of the Finance Companies outside my country (Zimbabwe) before his death
and the money is contained in two treasury boxes which we made the security to
understand that the money belong to my late husband’s customer in your country
who will later contact them for onward transfer of the money to him.

Further to this as a matter of importance, please my reason of contacting you,
is that I am honestly in need of your assistance to help me and my children
transfer the money to your country by standing as my late husband’s business partner to whom the money is to be transfered to. And please note that this for onward investment in your country for my children upbringing as we are finding a way to leave this country to settle down there in your country and continue our lives. You may wonder how I got your address, it was seen in one of my late husband’s file and I am sure you may be one of our numerous customers and I have every trust in you as one who knows my late husband and will not sit on the money when you receive it. Please note that we have no other place to run to until the money gets to you.
To enable you know how serious this matter is and to explain it well for you, please log-on to the this latest Bcc News (
Kindly do every thing possible to reply this mail so as to enable me give you
the full contact details of the Finance Company where the money for your
immediate transfer to your country. And please keep this very confidential as
it is only you and I that knows about this and I will like this to remain
confidential. And be informed also that I have resolved to compensate you with
30% of the total fund for your assistance.
In my next mail to you, I shall send you my photograph so that you will know
whom you are dealing with.
Thanks and God Bless as I urgently await your reply.

Mrs Brian Hamond

Hospital Militar de Santiago
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