Don’t give Mrs Edward your “tellphone” number and definitely don’t give her a copy of your passport.  All she wants to do is steal your identity and your cash.

Attn Beneficiary,

This is to inform you that your inheritance Fund valued of $950,000.00 US DOLLAR has been deposted with the western union money transfer office here in benin republic and you should been receiving your payment of $950,000.00 through western union money transfer as from tommorrow , but you should be receiving $5000 usd only per a day , so you are advice to contact the western union operator Mr.Terry Cool.

Right now contact him and re-confirm your information to him right away so that he will start sending your payment to you. contact e-mail is ( www.western1@live.fr) Phone number is +229-98-27-51-58, And also here is the informations you need to send to him , Your receiver name….Your country…… Your tellphone number……Attach Copy of your passport, All this informations is to avoid sending money to wrong person.

Yours in service
Mrs.Jona Edward,
Financial Minister Federal Republic of Benin.