Scam Computer Problems Calls

Edit: 20 March 2012.  I just had a phone call from “Anna”.  When I asked her how it felt to work for a company, phoning people and telling them lies.  She told me “I’m proud of it.  Because nowadays most people don’t know it’s a lie“.  Really – that’s exactly what she said.

This has just been forwarded to me from our local Neighbourhood Watch (I live in the UK) – see below. Normally I dismiss these stories as scaremongering, but I KNOW this one is true as it happened to my neighbours just a couple of days ago.

They received a phone call from someone who gave them the impression that they were calling from Microsoft, told them their computer was sending out spam messages, talked them through delving into an error reporting panel I’d never seen before to show them all the errors and then directed them to Spark Support.

I managed to convince them it was a scam.  If you receive a call telling you there is something wrong with your computer, put the phone down.

Do NOT talk to these scammers and DO NOT let them take control of your computer.  In fact, do not have anything to do with The Spark Support.  I have just delved into their website.  Their testimonials page contains links to a forum where it is clear that they have hijacked legitimate user accounts to post scam testimonials.  The site they hacked contains this warning “There was a recent downtime due to issues with our backup servers followed by the corruption of some db tables from a hack attempt.”

Important note: There is a LEGITIMATE company called “Spark Support” (  They DO NOT cold call and and are a LEGITIMATE computer support company.

This is the message forwarded to me by Neighbourhood Watch


Over the past few days we have received several reports of a Computer Support Company, cold calling people in the area asking them to log onto their computer as they have detected serious viruses on your computer or your connections are affecting neighbours. They say they are from companies like “Spark Support”, “Microsoft”, or just “Your computer support company” etc. They get you to log onto a web site where you enter in a code and then they take remote access to you computer. After they supposedly remove the offending virus they then inform you that they will now be sending you a rather large bill for the service. These Remote Access companies offer remote technical support to computer users but they charge a large fee for something that can be done easily. Should you receive such a call, DO NOT switch on your computer, take their contact details and hang up. Fraud line has recommended that you then ring the consumer company direct and complain.