Spruce Mountain Networks.

My online, spam only email address has been bombarded with spam emails that end with the following graphic, claiming I have opted into emails via one of their offers.

Clicking on the graphic doesn’t take you to the Spruce Mountain Networks website.  It takes you to a random website, depending on who sent the original email, with a box to enter your email address.

I have a horrid feeling that entering your email address could simply unleash more spam, but I don’t know that for certain.

I’ve done some research online and so far have failed to find a website for this organisation.  They claim their address is 8485 McDonald Drive #B-13, Scottsdale , AZ 85250.

It appears that several complaints have been filed online against them with the Better Business Bureau (http://www.bbb.org/central-northern-western-arizona/Business-Reviews/internet-marketing-services/spruce-mountain-networks-in-scottsdale-az-1000015163/Complaints/)

I have a hunch that Spruce Mountain Networks don’t even exist.  I suspect that some dodgy spammers are just using the graphic in an attempt to make their spam look legitimate.  I can find no reference to them as a company or organisation anywhere.  They might have existed once, but I don’t think they do now.

These emails are being sent by spammers who have simply bought mass lists of emails for the sole purpose of spamming.  Don’t bother to “unsubscribe”, it just confirms that your email address is active.