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From The Office of,
Mrs. Elizabeth Eze


I am Mrs. Elizabeth Eze; Special adviser to the president on economic matters and foreign Contract/inheritance payment. I have being directed by His Excellency, The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria UMARU MUSA YAR’ADUA, to bring to your notice that this Government understands your Plight, the disappointment you have suffered in the past to get your Contract /inheritance fund paid to you.

Due to what we described as selective Payment and incessant demand of excessive fee by some unscrupulous and corrupt erstwhile officials in charge of Foreign Contract/inheritance payment in the past. we are sorry for what you have gone through in the hands of fake Government officials that have been cheating you fraudulently, do not worry your problems now is solved, so treat with urgency.

In view of the determination and commitment of this Government to Ensure that every outstanding contract/inheritance debts are settled, But to our greatest dismay, despite all the effort made last year to ensure that most beneficiary receive their payment, record still show that a lot of Contractors/inheritance beneficiaries did not receive their payment due To their inability to settle some outstanding up-front obligation to the Federal Government. Based on this, the President, UMARU MUSA YARADUA has approved the sum of US$1.8Billion Dollars in this years budget for the settlement of These outstanding debts and also announced the Introduction of Deduction Application Form and made it mandatory that any contractor/inheritance Beneficiary that is unable to settle up-front Charges, Taxes, fee or Levies arising from his or her contract/inheritance payment receive their payment.

We wish to inform you that you have been short-listed among the TEN contractors/beneficiaries that will benefit from the US$1.8 Billion Dollars Approved by the president, all you need to do is to get back to me with your account details and personal datas to enable this office instruct the bank to effect payment into your destinated bank account.

We are Sorry for the delay,

Sincerely Yours,

Mrs Elizabeth Eze
Special adviser to the president on
Economic Matters and Foreign Contract