Support Help Desk.

Be ware of this scammer who wants your email username and password.  The email claims to come from “Support Help Desk”.  Which help desk?  Whose support?

Ever curious, my friend Roger the Rabbit opened the attached .pdf file and followed the link.  (Don’t do this at home guys, just delete the email.)

My Rabbit friend was then asked for an email address, username and password.  When these were submitted there was a very reassuring message saying that the account would be revalidated in 24 hours.

If you think you have accidentally given your email log-in details to these scammers, log in and change the password.

Please read attach message from Support Help Desk. You are required to follow the activation procedure.

Thank you,

Support Help Desk.

Today Monday 6th of February, 2017. We are shutting down your present webmail to create space for 2017 Outlook Web Access with a high visual definition and Space. This service creates more space and easy access to email. Please update your account by clicking on the link below and fill information for activation.
Follow the procedure and complete information by clicking SUBMIT. A new space will be created within 48 hours.
Thank you for understanding.
Support Help Desk.