A reader from South Africa sent me this SCAM.  They commented that internet SCAMS are a huge problem “and the heart-sore of it all is that people that can’t really afford to, is the people falling for it.”.

If you read the comments on this blog you will see just how true that is.  The Majority of commenters here who have fallen for SCAMS are people who live in poorer countries, whose first language isn’t English and who WANT to believe the scams.

I’ve made the word SCAM in bold type and capital letters because of the number of people who visit this page and don’t manage to realise that this ENTIRE BLOG IS ABOUT SCAMS. Yes folk – this is a SCAM as are ALL the lotteries/ draws/  inheritances/business proposals that you receive by email.

If you make the mistake of replying you will find yourself being asked for money.

If anyone is still in doubt about whether or not this is a scam – read this victim’s story

Dear Esteemed Tagged User/Member,

Your Tagged User Name has been selected among the 50 Lucky Winners in the Tagged Promotion of which your profile has won you the grand sum of £565,000.00 Great British Pounds Sterling.

You are advised to contact the Claims Manager with the email below:

Tagged Claims Manager:
Name: Mrs. cynthia boatwright
Email: taggedclaims75@hotmail.com


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