The first $6000.00 was sent today

What a load of *****.  This scammer can’t even be bothered to make up a story about why he has suddenly decided to send me (or you) $1.6m.

Let me tell  you why.  There is no money.  This scammer is hoping you will be taken in by his ridiculous story and will start sending him your money to pay his “fees”.  Ignore him or her.

Attention Please.

The first $6000.00 was sent today.

My working partner has helped me to send the first$6000.00 to you through western union.So contact Western union Agent to pick up this $6000 now:
Contact person:Mr.Frank Ashley.
TEL: +229-986-023-36

Ask him to give you the mtcn, sender name,to pick the $6,000.00. I told him to keep sending you $6000.00 daily untill the payment of $1.600,000.00 is completed. Again forward him your Full Name Telephone number and adress so that he will be sure.Thanks, Mrs Juliet E John.from International monitory fund, OFFICE,