This story of wicked goings on in Nigeria was submitted by a reader

CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA TESTED COMPUTERIZATION FOREIGN TRANSFER UNITCENTRAL BANK HOUSE LAGOS TEL:+234-1-2148402E-Mail:mrsanisuleman9@gmail.comOUR REF: CBN/CCMU/2109Attn: Beneficiary, TRUTH OF THE MATTERI have decided to contact you directly and personally after a serious thought because I do not have any hatred on you, but your Nigerian partners. I am the Director, Tested Computerization Foreign Transfer Unit central bank of Nigeria(CBN). Sometime in the past, your Nigerian partners approached me through a friend of mine and requested me to assist them to conclude a money transfer deal. They gave me your name, company name and bank particulars and told me to include them into our computer system in the central computer unit so that it will appear as if you are one of the genuine contractors that have been cleared for payment. According to them, they wanted to use this strategy to transfer a huge amount of money which they accumulated through inflated contract awards and the money have been floating in the CBN since then. The original contractors have been paid therefore they wanted to use your account to transfer the inflated amount out of Nigeria. We agreed that once I do this, they would give me us$100,000.00 and another us$100,000.00 when i release the fund to your account. When they saw that I have done so and your name has been approved among the list of those to be paid, instead of giving me the agreed deposit, they started avoiding me and resorted to threat. I immediately delete the transfer access code (TAC) and your personal identification numbers (PIN), which is only known to me due to my position and duty but released other contractors fund without yours. They became angered the more when they saw that their threat did not work, they started bribing other officials to get another approval to transfer the money to you without success. it is not funny that a contractor is being asked to pay one tax or the other. i am 100% responsible for the delay and obstructions because of their breach of agreement. if you doubt what i have just told you, pay any amount they will ask you to pay now, after a short time, they will come up with another reason to pay again and it goes on and on. They are simply wicked and do not know where their problem lies. now, if you want us to work together, these are my conditions: A)I will have 30% of the money because it is only the two of us left for now.B)You will assist my son to open an account in your country or any other place of my choice where I will pay in my own share.C)As you have seen, it will be useless and a more waste of time and money if you continue with any other person, so it is better we agree with each other and conclude the transaction with utmost secrecy. If these conditions are acceptable to you, contact me as soon as possible quoting your contract number to prove that you are the true person, so that we will finalize. But if you are not interested, I advise you to forget the fund as it will be transferred into the federal government of Nigeria consolidated national reserve. Kindly contact me on the above email address or througth my direct tel number below Best Regards,Mr.Sani SulemanDirector, Tested Computerization foreign Transfer Unit, Tel: