Understanding and promoting tax refunds : Changes within 12 months

A sneaky scam Inland Revenue email.  Take a look at the link you are taken to if you click on the body of the email: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk.formsrefunds.com/tfn/r

At first glance it looks as if it could be the real hmrc.gov.uk site – but look more closely and you will see the site is actually “formrefunds.com” with the hmrc.gov.uk bit added onto the beginning.

Now look at the info you are asked to provide to this scammer.  The first page looks innocent enough, just name, address, etc.

inland re

If you fill this in and click on next – guess what the scammer wants now?  Yes  – you got it – your credit card details, including your verified by visa or mastercard password:

inland re2

If you think you have accidentally given your credit card details to a scammer, contact your credit card company immediately.

Here’s that original email, signed by “officer Mary Kay” and telling you that your Tax File Number (TFN) is 731948115

inland re3