I have no idea who “Kathy” really is, but I do know that she is a scammer.  The only reason she asks me to keep her scam request for money “between us” is because she doesn’t want me to tell the whole world that she is a scammer.  Sorry – I just did.

Kathy has no intention of refunding your money, she doesn’t even know who you are.  If you make the mistake of falling for this scammer you will never see your money again.

Sorry to disturb with this mail but I’m out of the country in London and found myself in a situation which I really need to take care of now. I need a loan of $3000.I’ll explain better and refund the money back to you immediately I get back on Tuesday. If you can help out with the money or whatever amount you can come up with I will really appreciate if you get back to me as soon as you get this email.Please keep this between us.