Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:56 PM
“Hon.Eric Benson” <eribeson19@gmail.com>
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Attention My Dear:

I just received a call from the Director of Dhl Security Company Rep Du Benin that the consignment box i sent to you was returned due to wrong address, this consignment box contain your $2.5 million USA dollars, Your compensation fund. Therefore call the director (Dr.Leonard Akonam) on Tel: +229-98-239474 or email him at: (courier_xdiplom@sify.com) and give him your correct address and Phone number.Use this code (Gl-6410) as the subject of your mail to them for identification.

Bear it in mind you must pay them $125usd for their security keeping fee.Remembered that i registered the Consignment as a box of Africa Cloth.The security Company don’t know the real content of the consignment box for security reason.I will be travlling to U.k for an Investment project with my own share.

Yours Truly
Hon.Eric Benson
In the immortal words of my eldest son at age 13: “Oh no! It’s those voices again!” Maybe “Hon.Eric Benson” was in K-Mart and heard “the voices” announcing The Blue Light Special, too! Seriously, this really isn’t funny—it’s spam, and there is nothing “Honorable” about this impostor. If you receive one of these, delete it and be safe.