Oh yes – brilliant way to introduce yourself.  Tell me you are dishonest, a liar and thief.  And then expect me to believe that you want to share $8.6m with me.

Let me think about this…………

………….. oh yes –  I know – you’re a scammer.  Let me guess – you want me to pay you a “fee”???  Then I won’t hear from you again and you will have stolen my money.

Just delete this email – this scammer is just after your money.



By introduction, I am Engr. Steve Nkhoza and the Chairman of the Tender Board Committee which awards contract in the Department of Petroleum Resources of Sasoil Oil & Gas Int’l Energy Company, Johannesburg, South Africa . I sent you email some time ago informing you of a plan to transfer the sum of US$8.6 Million (Eight Million, Six Hundred Thousand U. S Dollars only) to your account, and have been waiting to hear from you ever since, but to no avail, hence this particular message by way of reminder.

I want you to know that these funds originated from an Over-invoiced contract sum which was awarded to a foreign firm in 2012. At that time, I used my position as the Chairman of the Tender Board Committee and purposely inflated the actual cost of the contract with the extra value of US$8.6 Million. However, the original contractor has fully executed the contract, the project commissioned and the contractor paid his actual contract worth, leaving behind the over-invoiced sum which is US$8.6 Million. So, it is based on this that I now want you/your company to come forward to stand in and claim this sum in my behalf.

You may wish to know that I am a Civil Servants working with the Sasoil firm and by law, I am not allowed to operate foreign bank account while still in office and equally cannot claim the money in my name as that will expose me, So you are to act as the one who had executed the sub-contract worth the sum of US$8.6 Million for my Department and you now want your payment settled. Remarkably, this deal is 100% risk free. Prior to contacting you, I have worked out modalities that would guarantee a hitch free transfer of this fund to your account fully free of any illegal act or encumbrances and are clean, clear and non-criminal origin. I will guide you on how to go about it upon your return mail and we shall claim the fund without any difficulty.

If you are interested in the proposal, and you are a trustworthy person who would not sit on this money if it is transferred into your account, kindly indicate by contacting me through my E-mail and you can as well send your bank account details for this transfer. Please note that this deal must be kept absolutely confidential till we have concluded it. I have also mapped out 35% of the total sum for your compensation for your help and assistance to receive the fund.

NOTE again that upon completion of this transaction, I shall visit you immediately to collect and invest my share in your country. Therefore, you will equally assist me to identify and advise me on any viable business which will have a good return on investment in your country. Please send your response through my private email address: EngrSteveNkhoza@outlook.com for my urgent attention.

Thank you as I look forward to your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Engr. Steve Nkhoza