Vital Information

This scammer has contacted my reader because s/he is “in the Diaspora”.  Excuse me a moment while I look that up…….according to Wikipedia that means “movement of any population sharing common ethnic identity who were either forced to leave or voluntarily left their settled territory, and became residents in areas often far removed from the former.”  

I have no idea what that has to do with the rest of the email.  It’s a scam anyway, so just delete it.

From: Mr. Peter Johnson Halifax Bank

Website: Private
I know that this letter may come to you as a surprise but I have no other option than to contact you due to the urgency of this transaction. First I must solicit your confidence in this transaction, this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that we will smile at the end of the transaction.I am contacting you on the hope that you will keep this vital information to yourself because of the sensitive nature and most importantly, my reputation.I got your contact information via email directories and I am contacting you because you are in the Diaspora. I believe this will surprise you to know that one of our late client (whose name I cannot mention to you now until I read from you and 100% certain that I am in a safe hands) had cash totally Sixty-Five Million United States dollars in our Vault storage Facilities.He deposited these funds on the 14th day of March 1997 via our Worldwide secure transportation, storage and logistics management services for safe keeping here in Ireland but in breach of the lease agreement he went into with our company, our client has failed to come forward to claim the contents on or before 10 years from the date of deposit (14th March, 2007), as this development has accumulated considerable amount of our safety Box rental charges. As a staff in the Vault department, I was instructed to contact this client to offset the rental fee incurred before any further access to the Trunk Box and to also remind him that based on the lease agreement, we have the right as the lessor to declared the contents of his Safe Deposit Box as unclaimed valuables and open the box by forcible entry, remove all instruments and deposit the same with either the district court or State’s unclaimed property office, subject to payment of rentals,expenses and repairs as mandated by law in the case of any further delay to retrieve the contents in the Safe Deposit Box or prolong his leasing agreement with us for further safekeeping of his valuables.All my efforts to contact him were in vain as all my several emails sent to him were returned undelivered while his telephone/fax lines are also out of services. I just discover during my vacation to Seoul In South Korea that this client who was a Government contractor and an expatriate in South Korea as at the time of deposit of the consignment died of Diabetes on 9th September 2005 and that the trustees and executor of his vast estate have long time ago concluded with the execution of his estate. This indicates that no one is aware of his deposits in our custody as he deposited the funds without authorizing any third person to use the Safe Deposit Box.The contents of an individual safe deposit box are strictly confidential: only the lessee knows what is contained in his/her safe deposit box but it is our responsibility to ensure that toxic, radioactive, explosive substances, drugs and weapons are not deposited in our Boxes. It was during this process, he disclosed to me alone as the vault co-ordinator the actual contents in his safe Deposit Box tagged Family Valuables. He also disclosed to me that he will visit Ireland to register the funds into Irish banking system via our Bank (Halifax) which he couldn’t achieve before his demised. Unknown to his family,attorney and the executors of his vast estate, he had these cash deposit in our custody through our Worldwide secure transportation, storage and logistics management services. I am Mr. Peter Johnson, a permanent staff of Halifax Bank here in Ireland. Halifax is the new name for Bank of Scotland (Ireland) personal banking, the first completely new high street bank in Ireland for some 120 years. I am just an ordinary salary earner struggling to meet up with the basic needs in Life; I believe this is a business opportunity for both of us. There is a clause in his safe-deposit box lease agreement that gives you or anyone the right to retrieve these claims but as a co renter with some conditions which I will disclose to you as soon as I read from you. I will advice you to always contact me via my personal email instead of my company email for secure communication to enable us Work together and retrieve these claims from our vault facilities for our personal use and advantage.As a staff of Halifax with several years of working experience, it is very imperative I let you know that there is no risk involve provided you can keep this vital information to yourself and follow all instruction I shall give you from time to time to legally instate you as the authorized person to retrieve the claims at his demised as the actual contents in his Safe Deposit Box is also not known to our management.I am looking forward to reading from you for further action Sincerely,
Mr. Peter Johnson