Vouchers for iPhone

DO NOT click on the link in this email.  It doesn’t go to Apple, it goes to a scam website where they ask you for information about your phone.  (DON’T DO THIS – I went there and entered fake info and was then diverted to the real Apple site).  The scammer is after information about your iphone.  I don’t even own one, I’m an Android girl!

Dear Apple Customer,

We are giving away free £100 voucher to everybody who has an Iphone,
this is just a pay back for our customers for making our product the best
selling phone of all time

Please follow the link to fill in your details and you will receive your voucher
by text automatically which can be redeem immediately. We will send you a
link for where to redeem your voucher ones your details has been processed
and this will take 3 days.


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