we still have £2308.34 in your name

This was left as a comment on another thread, but it contains a different text message about the PPI you are, allegedly, owed. I thought it was worth a post of its own.

I’m sure you can see that the sender can have no idea how much you are owed for PPI, if anything.  Unless you’ve given them details of your claim they don’t even know if you are owed a refund.  Most people receiving this text have never even taking out Payment Protection Insurance.

I’m beginning to wonder if the people sending out these texts actually make money when you reply?  I don’t know that, it’s just a guess and could be wildly wrong.  Are they premium rate numbers that you are being asked to reply to?

If you think you have a legtimate PPI claim, it is possible to make the claim yourself.  The Money Saving Expert website has all the info you need – http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/ppi-loan-insurance

“We have been trying to contact you about your PPI CLAIM, we still have £2308.34 in your name waiting to be sent to you. To get it today reply …etc”