Western Union® Newly Arrived E-Gold Card®

Sunday, March 22, 2009 1:16 AM
“Western Union® Newly Arrived E-Gold Card®” <indie888@optusnet.com.au>
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Dear Beneficiary, This letter is about your funds with the Western Union which is worth $2.3 Million United States Dollars that has being passed by the law to be remitted to you and as you know that the sum of $2.3 Million United States Dollars cannot be sent to you via the Western Union as the limit of $5000.00Usd daily and it will take years for you to finish receiving your funds. Finally there is good news and that is that the Western Union E-Gold Card has arrived Nigeria so you are to receive your funds via an E-Gold Card. This E-Gold Card will allow you make payments/transfer to Nigeria within seconds and if you have any business in Nigeria you can get the money wired into the card now before the E-Gold Card is delivered to your Country. So you are to get back to me with the below details so that the E-Gold Card can be successfully delivered to your address; FULL NAME: FULL ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER: OCCUPATION: AGE: SEX: COUNTRY: Note: You do not need to worry about any money coming to you from Nigeria as a result of business or contract all you need to do is to get back to us and then we process your E-Gold Card and then you direct the company to wire your funds into the E-Gold Card so that when you receive the card all you funds will be intact. Murphy KoldSweat E-Gold Card Unit koldsweatwumt@live.com Western Union Money Transfer.
No, this letter is not “about your funds with the Western Union”. This “letter is about” lies and robbery. You have no “funds with the Western Union”, so if you receive one of these, delete it.