“Diplomat Andy Cole” claims to have millions of dollars for me.  If that’s the case then far from telling him all my personal info so he can “ensure” I’m the right person, I should be asking him to verify his identity!  Obviously he’d have trouble doing that as he is a scammer.

Ignore him, as he has no money for you.  He’s hoping you will start sending him your hard earned money.

Please view the attached message for your acknowledgement of a (WILL)

Dear Beneficiary,

I am a Diplomat named Andy Cole,mandated to deliver your inheritance to you in your country of residence.

The funds total US$7.5 Million and you were made the beneficiary of these funds by a benefactor whose details will be revealed to you after handing over the funds to you in accordance with the Agreement I signed with the benefactor when he enlisted my assistance in delivering the funds to you.

I am presently U.K and before I can deliver the funds to you, you have to reconfirm the following information so as to ensure that I am dealing with the right person.

1.Full Name
2.Residential Address
5.Direct Telephone Numbers
6.Country of Origin of fund.

After verification of the information with what I have on file,I shall contact you so that we can make arrangements on the exact time I will be bringing your package to your residential address. Send the requested information so that we can proceed.

Andy Cole.