win bonus issue and send a message

“jane” writes and tells me she is called “Mrs Rose Denise”.  She seems to be having an identity crisis.

Any email that starts by addressing you as “Dear Esteemed” anything is ALWAYS a scam.  No legitimate organisation uses that term.  As for skyrock – I’ve never heard of them.

This is just a scammer, who is hoping you will fall for his or her story – then she or he will start asking you to send them money.  Ignore them.

Dear Esteemed skyrock User/Member,
We the skyrock Team Heartily welcome and send you our Warm Congratulations!!! for being one of our lucky winners in this years 2010 skyrock Mobile and Profile Promotion which was recently held in the United Kingdom.
To that extent we sincerely wish to inform you that your skyrock User Name has been selected among the Lucky Winners in the 2010 skyrock Mobile and Profile Promotion of which your profile has won you the grand sum of £350,000.00 Great British Pounds Sterling.
For more information and calls,You are advised to contact the Claims Consultants with the email below:
skyrock Claims Consultants
Name: Mrs.Rose Denise
The skyrock Team
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