With my deepest expression and sympathy

Cue the violins for this sob story.  I’m sure you know the one I mean.  She’s dying, she’s a god fearing woman, she’s childless and she is, of course, rich and, surprise, you can have her money!  Does this sound likely?  Of course it doesn’t.  This scammer isn’t dying and isn’t rich.  What he wants is for you to fall for his story and start sending him money, so that he can get rich at your expense.  Ignore him.

Compliments dear, how are you feeling today I hope great? well as for me I thank
God for his tender mercy and love in my life. My dear, it is by the grace of God

I am able to write you to inform you of the Lord’s plan in your life and that of
the world. My dear it wasn’t that easy for me to compose this message but glory
be to

God for his assistance and guidance.

Greetings to you once again in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the
author and finisher our lives and every living thing on earth. I am writing you
from the

south East of ASIA, My name is Mrs. Sarah Walker from Jurong East Singapore, I
am in my late 60’s.

My dear, life they say is a variety it comprises of both the good and bad, I am
sorry to say this but life has not been fair to me, but no matter what I have
learnt to

be thankful to God for at least keeping me alive till this very moment.I have
gone through a lot of tribulations in life and I have decided to live a christ

life, I have dedicated my life to the good Lord because he alone knows what our
tomorrow will be.

My dear, for some years I have experienced a lot of health failure, my present
health status is deteriorating, I have been suffering from multiple myeloma, a

of the bone marrow and insulin diabetics. I have been through a lot of
predicament, it hurts me when I wake up and remember that I might not see the
next day, my

physicians has confirmed that I may not live longer than 93days. My dear, I had
no joy of parent hood nor that of a wonderful family, I grew up without knowing
who my

mother was and at the same time I lost my father at a very young age, I was left
with no one, I knew no family relatives or extended relatives but I thank God

bringing forth my lovely memorable husband Late Mr.James Walker a Malaysian
nationality, he worked with the Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) Malaysia.
He died in

an oil spill disaster that occured in the year 1998 in his working field.

The death of husband grieved me for years because he was the only one I had in
life, I took a vow on his grave never to get married to any other man, which I
never did

although at that time I had a lot of suitors coming my way. Three years after
his death I decided to return to my hometown in singapore,but before this
decision, I

also decided to sell off every inherited belongings and estates belonging to I
and my late husband and also with the huge compensation I received from

my husband worked.The benefits realized from this sale and the compensation
rounded up to the sum of ($9.5,000,000.00USD).The funds is bonded in an escrow

account with the United Overseas Bank Malaysia, then returned back to Singapore.

Its been over ten years now, and my stay in singapore has been from one cancer
home to another one hospital to another, recently I received a notification from

bank, stating that an immediate fund withdrawal has to be made on my account
else the Malaysian Government will confiscate the funds, as they are evaluating
the 2011

government revenue budget which involves every unclaimed funds to be diverted
into the federal reserve account of the government. But due to my present
condition I

will not be able to carry out the transaction process, since I have been
physically disabled and has lost my ability to talk ever since the period of my

The bank then advised that I bring forth a beneficiary who will assist in
ensuring that the funds are wired out of the account, My dear, this is the
reason why I

decided to contact you, I have made a vow to God that this monies will be used
subsequently for human aid, the less privileged,charity homes,cancer research

organizations and a cancer memorable home in my name. I have spent millions of
dollars on my health and I see no sign of any recovery so I took this drastic

because it shall not profit me a thing if I die in the name of keeping this
funds to myself and spending it all on my health while there are people out
there who needs

the funds more, It is my last wish to see that this funds are invested in any
charitable organization of your choice and proceeds distributed each year among

charity organization and cancer hospitals.

My dear, this decision was not an easy one but I had no other choice than to
help human subsequently and destitute as Gods plan for the future of the less

My dear, you might be surprised as to how I came about your contact details and
contacting you with such a request, but as we know the ways of the Lord are not

ways of human and destiny can only be delayed but never be denied, so my dear it
is your destiny to aid the Lords work now.

The will of the almighty God does not lead his children to where his grace will
not protect them, and the Lord does not give his children a cross they cannot
carry so

my dear believe in the miracles of the Lord and realize that nothing is
impossible for our Lord Jesus Christ. I shall keep praying without ceasing till
I hear back

from you for more details on how to get started with this project.

My dear, please do remain blessed till I hear back from you again!

Remain blessed.
Mrs. Sarah Walker