wood stove w/blower – $250 (greentown)

A reader forwarded me this scam.  I don’t know if the reader had an item for sale on the internet – they didn’t say.  This is an obvious scam, regardless of whether or not there was a real item for sale.  All the warning signs are there.  The scammer will send you a check for more than the goods are worth.  Cash it, take out your expenses and then send the scammer the balance of the money.  At which point the original check will be found fraudulent, the money will be removed from your account and you will have sent money you can’t get back to the scammer.  If you don’t believe me, read some of the victims’ stories on this site.  (click on the menu bar above)

Delete this email and don’t reply.

Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 19:21:49 -0700
ubject: Re: wood stove w/blower – $250 (greentown)
From: billardint04@gmail.com 

  The payment was sent out via  UPS courier company by my secretary and the picked up will be scheduled as soon as you receive my payment. I will wait for the payment to get cashed before i would send my shipper for the pick up.I will like to tell you that  a certified check  of $3050.70 was sent to cover the  the money for what i am buying from you and the shipment of all the goods i bought around you. As soon as the  business certified check reaches you, have it cashed and remove your money for the  item including $100 for your running arounds and send the remaining fund to my shipper via western union money transfer. . Please i am doing this because i trust you due to the fact that you trust me and you remove the posting from the web..Your urgent reply is really needed.
I am really anxious to read from you because i want to be sure you are notified of this so that when the check gets to you, you can handle the situation..