World Congress on human trafficking and forced labour 2011

This was sent to me by a reader who asked if it was true.  As I said to my reader, all the clues are there that this is a scam.  The, so called, conference organisers are using free email addresses (gmail and aol) and not email addresses belonging to a recognised organisation.

My reader wasn’t expecting to be invited to a conference related to human trafficking and clearly has no idea who the sender of this email is.  All these conference invitations are scams unless you personally know the organisers and/or their organisation and are expecting to be invited.

These scammers will fake a hotel or airline website and take your money for a non-existent booking.  Ignore them.

 World Congress on human trafficking and forced labour 2011

You are welcome to participate at the world congress on human trafficking and forced labour 2011 which is scheduled to take place from November 28th to 1st December at The Statler Hotel – 130 Statler Drive, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853-6901 and from 5th to 8th December 2011 at Anta diop kansainvälinen konferenssi Hall (UCAD), B.P. 5005 Dakar-Fann, Dakar Senegal.

The conference is designed to provide maximum detailed information through an exceptional host of field experienced professionals for the opportunity of significant awareness, discussion, and involvement by conference attendees concerning the many facets of human trafficking in the international level.

People of all backgrounds are impacted by trafficking, and for a variety of purposes. Men are often forced into working hard labor jobs, while children are often trafficked into labor positions in industries such as textile, agriculture and fishing. Girls and women are most often trafficked into a segment of the commercial sex industry such as prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation.

Today, what drives the trade in persons is demand for prostitutes and cheap laborers in developed and developing countries, and the profitability and relatively low risk to traffickers.

Combating human trafficking includes prevention, protection, and prosecution and depends upon a wide range of actors and approaches. The World Congress on Human Trafficking and Forced Labour will play a key role in the effort to combat trafficking in persons worldwide.

Delegates who are interested in making paper presentation are advice to make a summary presentation on the above subject.

Who Should Attend?
The world congress on human trafficking and forced labour is an intense and interactive conference formatted for those who have research results or ideas, who wish to inform their peers of the work of their non-governmental or governmental organization, or who wish to fund anti-trafficking efforts and research:

1. Scholars with an interest in providing knowledge and methodologies to study the problems surrounding human trafficking,

2.Law enforcement, social service agencies, and others who see the effects of trafficking in their work, and can speak about the amount, nature, and causes of trafficking and the efficacy of methods to combat, prevent, and alleviate the effects of trafficking,

3. Government agencies, foundations, and others who will fund knowledge-creation, programs and program evaluation, and methodology-creation work in anti-trafficking efforts, and who wish to speak about their work and their priorities.

4. Students seeking to present, in special student sessions, thesis or dissertation work or proposed work in human trafficking on which they wish feedback.

Translating systems are available at the conference venue for participants who may need them.

Conference Speakers

1. Laura Lederer, J.D. – President Global Centurian
2. Antoinette Welch – Assistant D.A. Nashville
3. Bassel Baz, CEO – Association for the Rescue of Children
4. Bryan Thomas – CEO L-evate Consulting
5. Chelsea Esquibel, Miss TN Teenager
6. Founder – Director of EndSlaveryTN
7. Giselle Rodriguez, State Outreach Coordinator FL Coalition Against Human Trafficking
8. Emily Fitchpatrick, Founder and Executive Director, On Eagles Wings Ministries and Hope House
9. Kathy Hines, Former Detroit, MI Detective
10. Marion Williams, Director of Development, Trafficking In America Task Force, Inc.
11. Yvonne Williams, CEO – Trafficking In America Task Force, Inc.
12. Norma Ramos, Public interest attorney and social justice activist.

Conference Objectives
1. Learn from international and local experts who will identify specific issues and current trends of human trafficking.
2. Gain awareness concerning the depth of the problem of child sex trafficking in worldwide.
3. Develop skills to assess situations that involve labor and /or sex trafficking.
4. Learn about specific treatment methodologies effective in helping victims of labor and sex trafficking.
5. Learn of the resources (legal, social service, religious) available to address both victims and perpetrators of labor and sex trafficking.
6. Learn the best practices for residential services and outreach to trafficking victims.

It is not necessary one must belong to an organization or anti trafficking group before he/she is eligible to attend this events, interested participants can participate as an individual, or a group of 5 members. Note that it is mandatory participants participate in both venue of the conference as we are ready to explore all aspect to prevent trafficking in human beings for Labour exploitation and sex trafficking.

In order to attend the world congress on human trafficking and forced labour 2011, registration is compulsory. Interested participants should send the below information’s via email, to the Registration Desk. E-mail: &

•Names exactly as in passport
•Passport Number
•Date of Birth
•Place of Birth
•Country of Residence
•Country Dialing Code
•Marital Status
•Phone Contact
•Postal Address
•Who invited you?

Please note that the conference is not fully sponsored.

Flight Tickets
Successful registered participants round trip air ticket which covers participant’s country of residents to the United States, from the United States to Dakar Senegal and back to participants Country of residents will be sponsored by our organization and benevolent donor sponsoring committee.

Hotel Accommodation
The conference organizing committee will be responsible for registered participant’s hotel accommodation in N.Y USA Only due to the inability of our donor sponsoring committee to mobilize enough funds to sponsor the number of expected delegates to attend the conference.

Note: Delegates are responsible for the payment their hotel accommodation at the recommended hotel in Dakar Senegal where the second phase of the conference will be held. Daily transportation to the conference venue will be provided by the recommended hotel management in Senegal.

Visa Information
All participants visa assistance request will be forwarded to the U.S Department of State for visa authorization which will be sent by fax to the consular section of the U.S. Embassy, in your country of residence.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us


Joe Bock
Organizing committee
World Congress on human trafficking and forced labour
Project Director: Campaign Against Sex Trafficking
1501 Orchard Street, New York NY 10002-5424
Tel: +1 (518) 795-6399