You have a new Private Message

A friend just forwarded me this scam.  This scammer is after your gmail account details so they can gain entry to your account and send out their spam to all your contacts.  If you point your mouse at the link and look at the web address displayed at the bottom left of your browser you’ll see that the link doesn’t go to Gmail.  The scammer has hacked into the website of a legitimate business to add their fake log-in form.

If you think have fallen victim to this scammer – go directly to your Gmail account and reset your password IMMEDIATELY – before the scammer has a chance to log-in and change it.

Attn. Gmail Client,

We are informing you about a regular routine maintenace
of our servers. It is very important you verify your email
access to match with your profile records with us.

Please click below to verify now.

Click here to Update your Access.

Please ensure you enter your sensitive details correctly
to prevent future online service denial.

Google Email Services.