You need to get parcel in the office of Postal Service #23165

errrm – whatttt? ┬áThis scammer is clearly new to the game. ┬áNo pretence at telling you which parcel service s/he is pretending to be – and what’s with all the rubbish about Alexander at the end!!

DO NOT OPEN the attachment – I’d be fairly certain it contains a trojan and is possibly after your bank account log-in details.

Delete this email.

Dear Customer.

The delivery service informs you hereby that your package is located
now in the Postal office.
You have to come to the mail service office and to confirm the
delivery address.
Please refer to the package tracking number and the detailed
information in the attached document.

Thank you for attention,
Postal service.

Alexander manifested his dissatisfaction by prohibiting the
importation of our agricultural produce and manufactures into
Russia.Finally, as the Continental system had destroyed all trade by
the ports of the Baltic, Russia showed herself more favourable to the
English, and gradually reciprocal complaints of bad faith led to that
war whose unfortunate issue was styled by M. Talleyrand the beginning
of the end. I have now to make the reader acquainted with an
extraordinary demand made upon me by the Emperor through the medium of
M. de Champagny. In one of my first interviews with that Minister
after my return to Paris he thus addressed me: The Emperor has
entrusted me with a commission to you which I am obliged to execute:
When you see Bourrienne, said the Emperor, tell him I wish him to pay
6,000,000 into your chest to defray the expense of building the new
Office for Foreign Affairs. I was so astonished at this unfeeling and
inconsiderate demand that I was utterly unable to make airy reply.