You know that you aren’t expecting an ATM card with $2.5m from someone in Nigeria!

I can’t work out how this scammer has managed to make the link in this email work.  It appears to take you to the real ups website, and you appear to get a real answer when you enter the tracking number.  I might have to email ups and ask them if they know what the scammer did.  It’s possible they actually booked a real parcel into the system to obtain a real tracking number.

Whatever the scammer has done – it’s still a scam.  If you make the mistake of giving the scammer your real address details you will find yourself on the receiving end of a demand for money for delivery.  Ignore this scammer.

Dear Customer,

This email is coming to you as a reminder concerning your pending package
that has been with us for a long time. As you already know that this
package is containing an International ATM CARD in your name and in the
amount of $2.5 million usd.

This email is to let you know that our delivery team has finally carried
out delivery of your package. The package left Lagos Nigeria on 02/07/2012
and since on the 02/21/2012, it has been in Louisville, KY, United States
awaiting custom clearance.

To track your package, go to and insert the tracking number
below to view delivery status.

Tracking Number: H8640250193

On the tracking page you will see that this package is going to a wrong
address. This is because you have refused to give us your cooperation. You
are hereby adviced to provide us with the below details so we can
immediately have it sent out to our deliverymen in Louisville, KY.

Your Name(In Full):
Your Delivery Address:
Your Direct telephone Number:

Please note that you are required to provide a redirection fee of $95 which
you are to make available to this office via WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER
in the name of our accounting officer stated below.

Receivers Name: Akuchukwu Elijah
Receivers Address: Lagos-Nigeria
Text Question: White
Text Answer: Red
MTCN no:……………….

upon receiving your correct details and the payment MTCN from you, we will
immediately notify the Airport Authorities in USA and the package will be
redirected to your correct address immediately.

( This is important and as such your
immediate response will do you Good.


Mr.John Andrew
?1994-2012 United Parcel Service of America, Inc