Tuesday, February 17, 2009 7:51 AM
“mohamed williams”
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I am in response to your mail regarding your inherited fund $1.2MillionUSD that has been unclaimed, we wish to inform you that instructions was passed to our bank to effect on ward payment to you through our ATM CREDIT CARD payment system.

YOUR ATM DEDLIVERY NOTIFICATION! This is to bring to your notice that, I have paid the registration of your ATM CARD.I paid it because the ATM-822 worth $1.200,000.00 USD has less three month to expire and when it expires the money will go into Government reserve. With that I decided to help you pay the money so that the ATM CARD will not expire,

Because I know when you get your ATM CARD definitely you must compensate me. The delivery charges have been paid but I did not pay their official keeping fees since they refused. Reasons for their refusal are because they do not know when you are going to contact them. They told me that their keeping fee is $25 per day and I deposited it day before yesterday.

Now your ATM CARD has been deposited with U.P.S Service Limited Benin delivery so I want you to contact U.P.S Service Limited Benin with your Full Contact information’s so that they can deliver your ATM CARD to your designated address without any delay.

Below is their Contact Information,
Contact Person: JIM V.SIMON U.P.S
Email: ( )
Tel: +22996334110

Let me know once you receive your Card, Yours sincerely MOHAMED WILLIAMS
I wonder just how many “responses” MOHAMED WILLIAMS received from his “undisclosed recipients?” He seems to be delusional, believing himself to be rich; on the other hand he’s nothing more than a crook. And what, pray tell, is the meaning of “Dedlivery” (omg! LOL!!)