If “Mr Joseph Lee” really was the “Assurance manager” at the “HQ” of the Royal Bank of Scotland he would be sacked and imprisoned fairly quickly for sending out this email.

Of course he isn’t an employee of he RBS or any other bank.  He’s a scammer who is hoping you will be taken in by his ridiculous story and will start sending him money.  He sent this email from Haryana in India.

Good Day Friend,

I am Mr.Joseph Lee, Assurance manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland HQ London.
I contacted you concerning a very viable business opportunity which could be of
immense significance in our financial lives at this critical time of global financial
recession.It is regarding the estate of a deceased client who shares the same last name with

you and an investment portfolio (with a sum of US$7,500,000.00 -Seven million,
Five hundred thousand United States dollars) placed under our bank’s management
some years ago. Upon maturity of said investment, our client didn’t show up after a reasonable
period of time and out of concern, an investigation was conducted and it was
confirmed with concrete evidence that he was involved in a ghastly accident
in Manchester when on a business trip. It was also discovered that he

died after attempts to revive him failed.
What I propose is that since I have exclusive access to his file and
share the same surname as my client, you will be made the beneficiary of these funds.
PLEASE NOTE that there is no risk involved in this process.
I am on ground to ensure everything is successfully concluded.
If you are interested, please do contact me for further details.
Please do reply me via my personal email address:

MR.Joseph Lee