YOUR EMAIL WON £856,000.00 in category "B"

My email address has won.  Although this scammer’s imagination then failed them.  The can’t decide which company they represent or why they think I should have won anything.  Probably because they don’t represent any company and I haven’t won anything!

Your e-mail address attached to the Ref: UK/9420X2/68 with Batch:074/05/ZY369 which subsequently won you the sum of GBP ?856,000.00 in category “B” credited to the file Ref N0:KPL/09-002/JA.

To file for your claim, kindly contact our accredited claims agent.

Name: Mr Dauler k
Claims processing agent

You are advised to provide him with the following information:

Telephone/Fax number:

Note that, all claims processes and clearance procedures must be duly completed early to avoid impersonation and or double claiming. Regards,

Katie Armstrong
Online Coordinator.