Your Lloyds TSB Online Banking account has been compromised

This scammer tells me my Lloyds TSB account has been compromised.  Highly unlikely – I don’t have an account with them.

Take a look at the email address this scammer has used to send out this fake email: – definitely not a Lloyds TSB email.  And that link in the email?  Look where that takes you: not the Lloyds TSB site – someone has hacked into a Nepalese site.

DON’T click on any links in a bank email – even if it appears to come from your own bank.  ALWAYS enter the address of your bank’s website DIRECTLY into your browser.

If you think you might have accidentally given your bank details to a scammer, contact your bank immediately.

Dear Lloyds TSB Online Customer,

Your Online Banking account has been compromised!
In order to prevent any fraudulent activity from occurring
we are required to open an investigation into this matter.

We strongly require of you to click on the link below and go to the next
step to verify your location on our database.
If you have any questions related to this message or the funds transfer,
please contact our helpdesk to rectify this problem.


Please do not reply to this e-mail as this is only a notification.
Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.