Your Tax Payment ID 38961872 is failed.

Yesterday I was sent this message dozens of times each, as today, with a different ID number.  Yesterday the messages contained links to spam sites.  Clearly that tactic failed, so today the scammer has added a trojan as an attachment.  I don’t know what it is as my antivirus program removed the attachment before it reached my inbox.   The scammer claims the attachment is a .pdf document – in an attempt to encourage you to open it.

If you’ve accidentally opened the attachment, download and scan your computer with the free version of Malwarebytes – I scan my computer regularly.

 Your Federal Tax Payment ID: 10327658 has been rejected.

Return Reason Code R21 – The identification number used in the Company Identification Field is not valid.

Please, check the information to get details about your company payment in transaction contacts section:

attach name = report.18653.pdf

In other way forward information to your accountant adviser.
The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
PLEASE NOTE: Your tax payment is due regardless of EFTPS online availability. In case of an emergency, you can always make your tax payment by calling the EFTPS.