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A reader forwarded me this scam which claims to come from “British Telecom Center” (note the American spelling of centre!!!)  BT don’t run random sweepstakes programs.  They need all the money they can get to keep our telephone systems working.  Delete the email and don’t reply.  If you reply you will find a scammer asking you for money.

The Sum Of One Million Pounds has been won by your Address in our sweepstakes program. Do get back to this office with your claims requirement such as

1.Name in full 2.Address 3.Nationality 4.Age
5.Sex 6.Occupation 7.Phone/Fax
8.Present Country

Reply to this confidential Email Address: btprizeoffice119@gmail.com

Best Regards
Mrs. Cindy Howard.

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  1. Reply mansi goyal Sep 11,2009 7:05 pm

    i also recieved the same e-mail regarding one million pound from mr.david morgan.and i am confused what is it all about…it sayd this..
    Dear Lucky Winner,

    Congratulations on emerging as one of our award winners. British Telecom offers awards to Lucky owners of selected emails that came out in our Random Draws. You have therefore been approved to go ahead and claim your funds which amounts to £1,000,000.00 (One Million Great British Pounds Sterling).

    To get your funds to you, we have processed your claims and the winning amount has been transfered to our payment bank for immediate transfer to your account in your country

    Do contact our payment bank responsible for the transfer of your funds to you. To contact them, make use of the following contact details below:

    Contact Person: MR DAVID MORGAN
    Direct Tel: +44 703 598 1115
    Email : abbeytransfer@hotmail.co.uk

    Filling the form below:

    *Full Names:


    * Occupation:



    *Telphone Number:

    *Present Country:

    Thank you and once again, Congratulations!!!

    Marcus Steve
    Customer Care Officer.
    is it a scam???


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