Тicкet#294335236: 27/03/2018 04:20:15 Concentrate and do not be angry

Not many scams make me laugh so hard that I spit my tea, but this one did!   Nice try sunny Jim.

Unfortunately bitcoin wallet addresses are virtually anonymous, so there is no way of catching this idiot by trying to find where he is asking for money to be sent.

Think about it.  You are being asked to send money to an anonymous address – and the scammer is not asking you to identify yourself, so has no way of knowing who sent the money.  So IF they did hold information about you (which they don’t), they would have no way of knowing whose information to delete.

Just ignore this idiot.  And DO NOT open a bitcoin account in order to pay him (or her).

Delete this email.

Good Morning my victim.

I represent a group of web criminals from Vietnam. We use your working email because I know that you will check it.

Last month I uploaded a malicious program in porn site and when you tapped on a play button your system began recording your screen and switching on camera to capture you masturbating.So I believe you understand which data Ive got.
Also, my software caused your device operate as rdp with plenty of abilities as keylogger,parser etc. To sum up, my soft compiled all evidence,especially all your contacts from messengers,mails,social networks.

If you wanna make me silent you have to make a payment of 500 dollars using bitcoins (cryptocurrensy). We are sure that you have this sum.
It is Bitcoin wallet for payment – 12DTFTHPKpfzjqXYCHZaaoUjC8kFhj4k7C

You should copy and past it. If you send bitcoins We will delete everything about you.
Watch youtube manuals about methods of buing BTC. For example you can buy them at coinbase .com. If you have a problem with this, you can search comfortable ATM for bitcoin through coinatmradar.

I give you only one day from the time you open my letter for making a payment.You can complain cops, but they can not find us we use bot network, also we do not live in your country.If you want proofs I can show it to 7 your contacts after that you will be given their links. So you will ask them if they have received something or not.If you have some problems write me back.

Good luck.