0161 738 1501 – 0238 098 3709

I have just received a phone call from this number 0161 738 1501.  I suspect it is yet another PPI scam, but can’t be certain.

The call was a recorded message about my “outstanding refund”.  I was told that “Due to current legislation, failure to act today will reduce your refund value”

I was told to press 5 to speak to an adviser.  My guess is that this would involve a premium call.

If you dial the number that called you, you will get a recorded message that says:

“We are sorry for keeping you waiting.  Your call will be answered as soon as possible”.  The phone then goes dead.  Clearly they have no intention of answering  you.

I’m being plagued by these calls, as I’m sure we all are.

They are now using this number: 0238 098 3709.