Mystery Shoppers

This bit of garbled rubbish was sent to me by a fellow member of a forum.  It’s the usual fake mystery shopper job.  You get sent a check for your fake assignment and are asked to forward most of the money to a third party.  Then the original check is found to be fraudulent and you are left out of pocket.

Dear candidate,

We are starting a very big research project in USA and Canada. This project
takes place every month. We are leading agency specialized in (Global) Customer
Service Research. We need to recruit Mystery Shoppers to join our project to work
as a surveyor. You will get $200 – $300 for each assignment. Payment check
or money order will be in a certain amount that you will be asked for cash your bank
and then garnish your wages and have the rest for the evaluation.

Provide the following details if you interested :
1. Name (first/last) :
2. Address :
3. Cities :
4. States :
5. Countries :
6. Postal code :
7. Gender & Age :
8. Occupation :

Thank you for the respons, the sooner you apply the bigger possibility you will get a shop to visit.

Evaluator Shopper
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